Kane: The Untouchable Rico Costas and Other Short Stories

The title character of The Untouchable Rico Costas and Other Short Stories, a low-life boss and former associate of big boss Oscar Darke, kicks off a spiral of events. Rico thinks he’s clever to get a court order preventing the police from approaching him, not realizing how oblivious he is to the bigger schemes surrounding him. When he’s killed in the police station, the resulting investigation digs up old memories and gathers press attention.

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Kane: The Untouchable
Rico Costas and
Other Short Stories
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Meanwhile, other officers find themselves looking for a missing bag lady and chasing a mischievous monkey. This volume also includes the Fwankie story, Grist’s parody of Frank Miller’s Sin City, told in satiric captions over mostly full-page panels, and the four-page “Taxi” from the 1997 SPX Anthology. The previous book in the series was Thirty Ninth.

For more Grist, try his other series, Jack Staff. He illustrated Phil Elliott’s stories in the Slave Labor graphic novella Absent Friends and contributed to Bizarro World, an anthology with twisted takes on DC superheroes in which Grist writes a Batman story and illustrates a Flash story written by Eddie Campbell.

In the Kane series, there are an additional eight uncollected issues, #24-31. Grist has announced plans to reprint them before continuing the series in original graphic novels. Given his notoriety for not making deadlines, it might be several years before we see any new Kane material — I hope it’s stronger than the stories in this entry in the series, or the series may have been better off just fading from readers’ memories. The longer the wait and the more delays, the more impressive the material needs to be, and the earlier issues fit that description better than the more recent.

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  1. Matthew Craig Says:

    I would also recommend hitting the back issue bins for the three-part DAILY BUGLE miniseries, which was pretty good, and should be pretty damn cheap.

    Blimey. Nine years on, and I still have that Daily Bugle front page on my wall.


  2. Giving up on Grist » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] talking about someone who solicited a collection of reprinted material in December 2004, only for it to arrive in November 2005. I don’t need […]




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