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Did you get the promotional Green Lantern ring that came with Green Lantern Corps #1? This retailer decided to make his light up, and you too can follow his instructions… if you have a small green LED and know what a “bump switch” and “coin cell” are.

I was disappointed by the ring, myself … I expected a brighter green, not that sort of olive color. And the original ones glowed in the dark, too.

Greg at Comics Should Be Good uses the recent Green Lantern novel trilogy to ponder when and how an excessive devotion to continuity damages the underlying story.

Look, let’s clear this up before the comments section catches fire — yes, I understand that stories and characters need to be consistent. I’m okay with that. But there is ‘consistent’ and then there is ‘scary obsessive’. I think all of you out there reading this know the difference and if you don’t then you need to get out more.

Continuity as comics fans understand the concept, which is to say, documenting the fictional history of the world in which your story is set — you guys, it started as a lark. It’s just for fun. Done right, it can be an entertaining game, like the pseudo-scholarship of the Baker Street Irregulars or the Wold Newton fans or the novels of Gregory Maguire.

But in comics, any more, it’s almost never done right, and certainly not for FUN. Instead it’s become deadly serious, this horrible ball-and-chain that we’ve all somehow agreed stories have to drag around behind them. It’s what leads to exercises in obsession like Green Lantern: Rebirth or the original Crisis. It’s reached the point where it’s what stories apparently have to be ABOUT for us to accept them.

Except they don’t.

I don’t want to belabor the point about continuity since I’ve already said my piece, but his comments made me think about how we all too often push things to the extreme, whatever they are. We seem to have lost the middle ground where we can have fun without becoming obsessive.

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  1. Dan Coyle Says:

    I thought about getting the ring, but I’d be sending a signal to DC that Patrick Gleason’s art is worth buying.




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