Nan Grant Details Announced

Lea Hernandez has posted the Nan Grant details and application information.

Four women will be selected to receive a years’ free hosting at They’ll need to submit by September 1, 2006 their grant proposal, including proof of age and sex (because you know how easy it is online to pretend to be someone you’re not, and some guys will think it’s their right or a great joke to pretend to be a girl). This part is especially thought-provoking:

I believe the Web already has what women wanting to make comics need, and that it has and continues to transform American comics from a work-for-hire Boy’s Club to a stage for everyone to perform on and be seen. The Web is living up to its promise, and comics can, too.

Lots more information in the link, including references on how to write a good proposal. Whether or not you’re interested or eligible to submit, aspiring creators can learn from that alone.

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