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I recently received my copy of the Little White Mouse Omnibus, and I’m so thrilled! I wrote the introduction to what was the second collection of the series, and it’s been reprinted here, along with everything else related to the series.

It’s a gorgeous book, compact and with a wonderful substantial feel in the hand. More publishers could take note of how well it’s laid out, with clear credits, a table of contents, and easily readable page numbers.

Paul Sizer has created four new pages of story, telling how Loo and her sister P’Heng set off for the Galactic Science Academy. It’s not crucial to the overall story, since much of the setup has been referred to or can be inferred from other chapters. It makes for a great introduction, though, since it sums up what Loo’s lost and what drives her succinctly. Reading just that section should indicate to a casual observer whether they’ll enjoy the rest of the book.

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  1. Paul Sizer Says:

    Thanks so much for the nice words. Glad you like the package; I’m really happy with how it came out as well! and thanks also for the great foreword and seemingly unending support of Loo and company.

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