Egoboo: Richmond Magazine Interview

I’m interviewed in the latest issue of Richmond magazine.

I was supposed to be in there several months ago, when they did a piece on comic-related activities in the area, but my part got cut for space and only appeared on their subscriber-only website archive. This time, they did a feature called “Poolside Picks: Richmond’s literati offer up their choices for summer reading” where they asked eight local writers and bookstore owners what they were looking forward to.

I’m really surprised I came off as well as I did. When I talked with the writer, I wasn’t sure I was explaining things well, and I let myself get a little distracted, but the blurb on my blog and why I like manga is good. For summer reading, I listed The Rabbi’s Cat (still on the to-read list), Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness, and Lost Girls, which they described as “putting the ‘graphic’ into graphic novel”. I also plugged Tramps Like Us as the perfect beach book.

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