Convention Fight!

Next year Wizard World Philadelphia is on the same date as the Heroes Convention — will those magazine idiots never learn? Sending a show that this year was generally described as “disappointing” up against an instititution with a very loyal group of professionals, guests, and visitors, one where everyone has a good time?

A retailer who does both shows wanted me to quote him as saying that Heroes is four times further away than Philly for him, but he already knows which show he’s doing, and it ain’t Philly.

12 Responses to “Convention Fight!”

  1. Tony Isabella Says:

    Stupid, stupid, Wizard creatures. Who wants to drive to Charlotte with me next year?


  2. Dwight Williams Says:

    Amazing. How many times has this been now for that company?

  3. Chris Arrant Says:

    I didn’t know the dates for Heroes Con 2007 had been announced yet. I looked on the convention center’s site and didn’t see it. What is it, perchance?

  4. Johanna Says:

    June 15-17, 2007, Father’s Day weekend.

  5. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Wow, Wizard are even dumber than I gave them credit for. Running a show in a different city might just about have flown at one point. But after the controversy of 2005, they’ve got to know they’ll be slaughtered again. If they had any sense, they’d try a different tactic instead of being publicly humiliated for a second year running.

  6. James Schee Says:

    Sounds cool, I might try to make it to Heroes next year if possible. (though not on my birthday next year I see)

  7. Michael Denton Says:

    Well, Heroes Con was another smash this year – even with increased attendance, the staff handled everything very well. It was, as always, much, much, much fun. I’ve got a very brief summary of my experience there over at my blog if you’re interested. Y’all c’mon down to Charlotte next year. We’d love to have ya and I promise you’ll love being at Heroes Con!

  8. Johanna Says:

    It has been pointed out to me that it’s conceivable that Wizard didn’t know what the Heroes dates were when they announced theirs. If that’s the case, we’ll have to wait and see what happens now that they do know.

    It’s also weird that we’re talking about the weakest show on Wizard’s slate.

  9. Dan Coyle Says:

    This year, Wizard chopped their Philly con in half, it seems.

    I still don’t have the constitution to drive nine hours to Heroes Con, but I’ll probably wish I wasn’t in Philly that weekend.

  10. Rachel Says:

    Oh no. I was planning on getting tables at them both next year. I did not know they would be on the same weekend. Which will I choose?? I don’t want to go to Philly if it is dead and Heroes, although I haven’t been there before is closer. And bigger.

    This sucks in so many ways. I needed both of them!

  11. Johanna Says:

    Rachel, given your type of work, I think you’re likely to be more successful at Heroes, which has a much stronger non-superhero presence.

  12. Rachel Says:

    Yes, I am coming to that conclusion. (Although, it might have been a plus to be surrounded by superhero stuff–there were fewer books for non-superhero fans to choose from.)

    Instead of doing both, I can only do one. There aren’t many conventions I can arrange to attend, and it is very much a blow to lose one in pursuit of another. Plus, I won’t get to see all the Philadelphia friends I made if I am in Charlotte. I’ll have to make new ones, I guess :)




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