AIT/Planet Lar Struggles?

First, Tom Beland got frank at Newsarama. His series True Story Swear to God is moving from AIT to Image, in part because of concerns over AIT’s marketing and distribution abilities:

I want my books to be in book stores, as well as comic shops and this is an area where the company and I can’t get together on.

Someone from AIT responded with some apparent bad feeling, only to later think better of it and edit his reponse. BeaucoupKevin has a copy of the original, though.

A few years ago, Larry Young used to be all over the internet, getting the word out and setting an example of, rightly or wrongly, how to get attention. (Even his reputation in certain circles for picking fights and overreacting at times didn’t seem to hurt sales much.) Now, he’s stepped back at a time that I mostly hear people talking about AIT in terms of which titles they’re losing to Image, or which books were announced as coming from them but now published elsewhere.

Maybe that’s why they’ve now announced how they’re listening to pitches in San Diego (link no longer available).

7 Responses to “AIT/Planet Lar Struggles?”

  1. Lea Says:

    Funny, one of the reasons I left Image was because they DIDN’T have bookstore sales worked out. (One of many reasons.)

  2. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Larry Young really has drifted off the radar in the last few years. Unfortunately, I rather suspect he was inextricably tied to a moment that has long passed.

  3. Ali T. Kokmen Says:

    Myself, I certainly take Beland at his word in that interview that his desire to create monthly comics was a big motivation for the move; I could certainly understand how Image could have (or at least be perceived to have) more ability to get monthly comics out than AIT.

    Actually, I’m a bit amused that bookstore distribution was discussed at all. Unless I’ve missed something, AIT is distributed to the book market by Diamond Book Distributors (DBD). Image, on the other hand, is distributed to the book market by…Diamond Book Distributors. And while Image may allow DBD to do things in the book trade that AIT does or cannot, I gotta believe that there are more similarities than differences between AIT being sold to bookstores by DBD and Image being sold to bookstores by DBD.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Paul: That\’s what Brian Wood thinks, too.

    Young emailed me wanting me to tell my readers that his company is still the publisher of the True Story book collections for the next two years. (He seemed to think my wording regarding moving the series wasn\’t clear enough that I was talking about \”floppies\”, as he called them, so I\’m happy to clarify.) I guess that also means we\’ll see the big book collection Tom\’s talked about wanting to do at Image in three.

  5. Dan Coyle Says:

    Every time I hit the bookstore, I only see McFarlane Productions books like Spawn and Sam and Twitch, I’m more likely to see books from Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, and NBM (who published Lea’s Rumble Girls) than I am to see other Image books, though Walking Dead and Paradigm show up sometimes.

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