Diamond Bonanza

I know some people are disappointed that there aren’t any Marvel Civil War comics this week…

I’m kidding. They’re really just pointing out how silly it is to ship six last week and none this week.

Anyway, I was expecting a light week, only to wind up with a stack of desirable reads.

Shipped late by Diamond (due last week or the week before) were the latest volumes of Sgt. Frog and Hot Gimmick.

New manga this week included new volumes of Baby & Me, Hikaru No Go, and Tokyo Boys & Girls.

In the superhero realm, I got the latest PS238 collection and the Elongated Man Showcase reprint.

All that, I expected, but as a bonus on top of that stack, also arrived were the two Drawn & Quarterly Dupuy/Berberian books! Looks like some great reading this weekend.

4 Responses to “Diamond Bonanza”

  1. Ralf Haring Says:

    Is volume 11 the last Sgt. Frog volume? The solicitations listed it as 11 of 11, but those are often wrong. Is there a planned end to the series?

  2. Johanna Says:

    No, it’s not the last — the book ends with a large “to be continued in volume 12″.

  3. John Says:

    It’s not just silly…but I expect for some people it’s financially disrespectful. If you have customers you know are trying to buy as many as possible, having all of them show up in one week is just mean.

  4. Johanna Says:

    That’s true. People talk about setting some aside for next week, but there’s always new product coming out, and a purchase delayed may never happen.




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