San Diego Con

I’m not going to the San Diego comic convention this year. As an East Coaster, it’s at least a $1500 trip and a week of time off, and that’s too much for me to spend when the crowds make me nervous. I’ve seen at least three “help wanted” ads that would help compensate for being there, but none of them offer help with travel costs.

It makes more sense for me to stay home and work on things here. Plus, I’m not sure there’s anything I really need or want to do there that I can’t do in some other way.

This rundown of how few women guests there will be doesn’t make me any more eager to attend, either. There’s some very interesting discussion going on in the comments there, including some educational opportunities well responded to.

7 Responses to “San Diego Con”

  1. Alex de Campi Says:

    After going to the past two SDCCs, I’m not going to this one – for same reasons as you. It just costs too much darn money, especially from London. Plus, with the majority of my new series coming out later this year or early next, there’s just not a lot of point.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Over at the Engine, they’re joking about everyone taking a year off from conventions. It would be REALLY interesting to see what would happen if cons went back to being fan gatherings first.

  3. ~chris Says:

    I’ll be going for my 14th year in a row (8th consecutive full 4 days). The size doesn’t bother me; in fact I’m spoiled that so many comic creators attend. But then, I live two hours away by train, and round-trip Amtrak tickets for two are cheaper than 4 nights of hotel parking. This is the only convention I attend, excepting a rare visit to APE. If I lived on the East Coast, I wouldn’t go to San Diego Comic-Con either.

  4. ~chris Says:

    It’s shameful that there aren’t more official guests who happen to be women. But that won’t keep me from visiting several creators who happen to be women and who paid their way to go to Comic-Con.

  5. Lyle Says:

    Chris, that tends to be my feeling. It’s sad and frustrating that so few women get invited as guests (or so we presume based on what we see, I think it’s important to acknowledge that) but it’s a very good convention for someone interested in the works of female comic creators.

  6. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Examining the featured guest list, I notice that their track record is even worse than San Diego’s. The only woman listed as a creator, instead of an actress or “model”, is Jinky Coronado. She supposedly draws Banzai Girl, but since her website is dedicated more to her appearances in a panty-shot-friendly schoolgirl skirt than her work, I find that suspicious. […]

  7. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] In other convention news, Lea Hernandez points out that this year, 25% of the featured guests at San Diego are women, a great improvement from last year. Yay! Then she broadly hints that she wants to be invited. […]




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