RIP Narwain?

I never heard anyone say much of anything about Narwain, including speculating on their survival, but now The Beat is reporting that their publishing is shutting down.

Their website appears to not have been updated since March. The company page is anchored by a welcome message from Brian Augustyn, who is now associated with Visionary Comics Studio. Small things, but they make the story plausible.

One Response to “RIP Narwain?”

  1. Katherine F. Says:

    I’m not that surprised. They published one book that I liked — Wall After Wall — which was translated from the original Italian. It had wonderful atmospheric art and an intriguing story marred by clumsy translation and typos in the lettering. According to solicitations, there was supposed to be more than one issue, but I never saw #2; now it looks like I never will.




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