Beyond #1

Beyond #1 cover

Great character bits and dialogue, but I expected nothing less from writer Dwayne McDuffie. He’s the reason I tried Beyond #1, because the video-game-style plot — random heroes and villains are picked by aliens to fight — isn’t at all my speed. (I’m told that it’s similar to Secret Wars, but I wouldn’t know.) McDuffie, though, even makes me want to seek out issues of the Gravity miniseries, because in just a few pages he makes the character seem like more than an Invincible … well, let’s call it homage.

Scott Kolins’ art, with the right coloring (in this case by Paul Mounts), creates a full, touchable world. That helps ground the reader in a situation where both they and the characters are unsure of what’s going on. (That’s intentional, that the reader should be wondering about the situation, not bad writing. Sad that I have to point it out, but that’s superhero comics today.) Gravity’s a good choice for a reader-stand-in character who legitimately has to have everyone introduced to him and asks expository questions.

A fascinating mix of characters — from old, well-known favorites Wasp and Spider-Man to little-known (at least to me) Firebird and The Hood (remember him from the Brian K. Vaughan miniseries?) — provides a wide blend of personalities, while a truly stunning cliffhanger leaves the reader begging for the next issue now, please.

5 Responses to “Beyond #1”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Ooh I loved The Hood miniseries, so I’ll have to check out the collection for this.

  2. Lyle Says:

    I’ve been meaning to write about Gravity, having just read the digest. I’m not familiar with Invincible, but Gravity was essentially a ‘small town boy with big dreams experiences shell shock when he goes to the big city’ story. I like Sean McKeever’s character work, so this one was worth the money, at least for someone unfamiliar with a similar concept.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Lyle, I look forward to seeing your comments — sounds like I misjudged the character.

  4. Sean Says:

    I liked Gravity’s intro miniseries. Is “Beyond!” his only other appearance to date?

  5. Johanna Says:

    According to this page, he also appeared in the Marvel Holiday Special (I remember that, it was cute) and several issues of Marvel Team-Up.




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