Mr. Big #1-2

The first issue of this nature minicomic is based on observations of a snapping turtle. Each page (half a standard sheet of paper) is one panel, illustrating the various animals — ducks, frogs, bugs, fish — that inhabit the pond the turtle lives in. They’re appealing sketches, but referring to the series as having a “storyline”, as the introduction does, is a stretch, based on what I was given.

The second issue uses white pencil on black pages to show the pond at night. Some pages were almost like puzzles, where the images resolved themselves only after you looked at them just right and concentrated on figuring out what you were seeing. That’s not a bad thing — I enjoyed looking at the world in terms of negative space — although I have to agree with the artist when he says “some of it works; some of it needs work”. The pages with multiple sequential images were difficult to fully comprehend. The departure from the single-panel image was welcome, as was the darkened art, but together, they were a bit too much for me on some pages.

Overall, this is an attractive execution of an unusual subject for minicomics, quiet naturalism. Both of these issues can be read online at wasp comics, along with following issues and other of Dembicki’s comics.

2 Responses to “Mr. Big #1-2”

  1. matt Levin Says:

    Mr. Big is one beautiful comic: at first I was taken aback that the fish and birds began ‘speaking’, but the naturalism of the dialogue matches the wonderful naturalism of the artwork, and it all works smoothly together. Last I knew, there are now 4 issues… please sir, can we have some more?

  2. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] I’d previously reviewed the nature minicomic Mr. Big. Now comes word that the collected edition will be the debut book from a new graphic novel line. Here’s the press release: Silent Devil will announce Little Foot Publishing, its new line of creator-owned graphic novels, at SPX in Bethesda, Maryland, this weekend. The debut title, Mr. Big, is a 152-page digest sized graphic novel by cartoonists Carol and Matt Dembicki. […]




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