Recommend Mail Order Dealers?

KC and I are looking for Archie back issues (more 60s than 70s or 80s), and we’ve exhausted the stores around here. There are a ton of dealers out there, so could you please help us by pointing out the best? Where have you ordered from and been pleased with the service, condition, grading, and prices?

I think there’s nothing better than a recommendation from a satisfied customer for suggesting good places to spend money.

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  1. Martin Allen Says:

    Lonestar Comics has a great site:

    They have a great selection, lots of cover scans, their prices are good, and the website is very functional.

    I’ve spent a lot of money with them lately, always with very solid results. They’re honest with grading, too. I ordered something recently, and when they went to pull it from their stores, they found it had been listed too high, and did not send it to me without checking whether I would accept it at the new, lower grade (and price).

  2. Pitzer Says:

    I have to second the Lonestar suggestion. Sometimes they run sales (40-50% off) on their back issues, so you should checky-checky.

  3. James Says:

    I have to pile on the Lonestar bandwagon. I have been very pleased every time I have delt with them.

  4. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I’ve bought stuff from milehighcomics; get on their newsletter list, and you’ll get notes about coupons. I have had some problems with the books ordered, but they’ve always resolved the problem quickly.

    I’ve also used Lonestarcomics with success.

    If you were looking for a monthly pre-order place, I’d give the highest recommendation possible to, as they have fantastic service and prices. But that’s not what you’re looking for, is it? ;)

  5. ADD Says:

    Lone Star’s prices may or may not match your needs, but as far as service, condition and packing go, I’ve never experienced better mail order.

  6. Bill Doughty Says:

    Lone Star and Mile High are both worthy of their good reputations, though I tend to prefer buying stuff from Mile High off eBay rather than dealing with them through their website. Not sure why.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Thanks very much for the help! I had no idea there was so much consensus — I’ll check out

  8. David Says:

    I cannot agree on the Lone Star Comics praise,

    I have ordered from them on several occasions, and on each occasion I received the wrong comic, or my comics were not bagged and boarded for which I had paid, or the comics was way misgraded. I received a Resurrection Man #1 in supposedly NM condition, but the lenticular had been PULLED off of the cover! I put up with this for a while, but finally I canceled my account due to the unapologetic non-aid that I received from a Lone Star employee; let’s just call her “B”.





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