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This post (link no longer available), another reaction to Quesada’s cluelessness, has an interesting comment by a female Marvel editor, asking for more submissions by women:

Why do women submit in smaller numbers? This is a more complex question than I feel qualified to get into here and now, but it’s certainly something I would love to see change. If you’re a female comic writer or artist, please consider this my personal invitation to submit to Marvel according to the guidelines here:

The NY Times provides an example of why hiring diversity is so important when it comes to law firms:

Some of their biggest corporate clients are demanding that they increase the number of minority and women associates and partners. Indeed, for some companies, diversity is as important as cost-cutting and performance when evaluating which law firm to hire. And they are threatening to fire firms that do not show enough progress.

Would that comic retailers felt the same way in pressuring publishers, but retailing is also a heavily male-dominated field, so it’s unlikely. The article shows that regardless of what companies say about desiring diversity, few make meaningful progress until their bottom line is affected.

I couldn’t find a permalink for this story, but at the top of this page currently is a story about choosing comics for a seven-year-old girl. Some great choices listed, and this piece of criticism:

She can’t tolerate too many of the superhero stories, though, as the women are always story props or decorations: “Why does Lois Lane always have to get saved by Superman? That is just STUPID!!!”

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