Snark: Ronée Returns

Speaking of Friends of Lulu, Ronée is now “Retail Communications and Customer Service Manager” for “TightLip Entertainment (site no longer exists), a company that is dedicated to bringing the world of comic-book entertainment beyond the present day normal” (whatever that means). As a result, she’s no longer Comic News Editor for PopCultureShock. (I hope they’ll be able to get someone capable to replace her.)

Here she is bitching about how her PR announcement didn’t get run (link no longer available). Gee, could it be because you’re just not as newsworthy or famous as you think you are? Or that you reap what you sow, and people you’ve badmouthed and insulted are unwilling to promote you? Or just that this doesn’t qualify as news?

She manages to wring a whole column out of complaining about how the “cool crowd clique” is ignoring her. Guess what? Comics, like just about every other industry, does make things easier or harder based on who you know and the reputation you’ve made for yourself. That’s not news, either.

If you take Ronée’s column seriously, then you have to realize that if she’s right about being ostracized because she refuses to “suck ass” (her phrase — I think she means “kiss ass”) and “play the game”, then she should be fired… because her job is to get press for this company, and she has just stated that she won’t be able to do the job because of who she is.

Personally, I was going to run the PR just to make fun of it, because the CEO of this new venture is Rick Olney. Longtime online observers will recall the name as someone who had a number of public meltdowns on, back in the day, as well as possibly engaging in tax fraud by claiming to run a non-profit that didn’t have any of the proper forms. I can’t think of two people that better deserve each other.

So, lesson of the day: People have long memories and do, if not at the level of holding grudges, respond to you based on what you’ve done in the past. I look forward to TightLip, based on these two, providing me hours of entertainment… but not in the way they hope.

(By the by, Ronée’s MySpace site plays Madonna singing “I’m not sorry” over and over from “Express Yourself”. This, when mentioned to a friend, elicited the response “Am I wrong to think less favorably of people who have MySpace sites?”)

11 Responses to “Snark: Ronée Returns”

  1. John Jakala Says:

    If Ronee is looking for somewhere to send her press releases, her own employer’s site might be a good start. TightLip’s “news” section hasn’t been updated since May.

    And since when are sites obligated to promote someone else’s spam?

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, that’s precious! I didn’t even go beyond TL’s main screen, where I saw the Image-wannabe art and bailed.

  3. Lea Says:

    I added my thoughts at the column itself. Ronee took my tartness with aplomb.

  4. Dave Mahlin Says:

    “Am I wrong to think less favorably of people who have MySpace sites?”

    Uuuhh…… no.

  5. Lea Says:

    I have yet to see an attractive MySpace site.

  6. Tony Isabella Says:

    Olney was booted from my message board after I gave him a second and then a third chance. I had to deny his applications to my MySpace page six times before he got the message I want nothing to do with him ever again. And, though it probably is a poor reflection on me, I delighted in hearing he and Ronee are working together. It reminded me of the Lily Tomlin bit about how the crazy people who walk the streets of New York talking to themselves should be paired off so it looks like they’re talking to each other.

  7. Dan Coyle Says:

    Actually, despite the many friends of mine who have myspace pages, I would think it wrong if you DIDN’T view someone with a myspace page with less favor.

  8. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Since I’m kicking people while they’re down, I might as well point out that the latest project from Rick Olney and TightLip Entertainment, represented by Ronée Bourgeois, has been cancelled. The Mighty Mini-Con will not be held this year; delays in obtaining a venue are responsible. The show was scheduled to be held this weekend, September 23-24, making the announcement just in time to cancel travel plans. […]

  9. Rick Olney Says:

    See… and this is what is wrong within the comic book entertainment industry. What a sad bunch of people posting here. Should we all post alike?

    And Tony Isabella?
    Tony, if that really is you… please let everyone know how you attended Mighty Minicon back in 2003 and had (via your con report of it) an enjoyable time. Some bit of your writing you’ve also probably What a sad little man you are… I actually left your forums on my own after you insulted my personal political beliefs and status as a veteran of honorable status.

    You’ve picked the right place though. And “TOOTS” is a good CBG column acronym for you. :) But I don’t recall your myspace matter. Sorry.

  10. Johanna Says:

    “I wasn’t kicked out, I left!” Yeah, yeah, take it elsewhere, Olney. Your insults aren’t welcome here, either.

  11. Stefan Says:

    I love comic book pettiness. It’s so much fun to read.




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