DC News: Job, Dark Knight Promotion

DC’s hiring for my old job of Online Editor. The killer part of that job is “community management”, which means riding heard on the message boards, with posters famous for their intolerance of homosexuality and hatred of new Green Lantern fans, among other hot buttons.

Looks to me like DC’s trying to goose sales of the Absolute Dark Knight by offering retailers free Dark Knight Strikes Again statues. The hundred-dollar book is due out August 30, with DC wanting order increases from this promotion by August 16. The statue normally retails for $195 US.

I can’t blame people for not being very interested in the book. Frank Miller’s work has become a parody of itself and a very acquired taste, not to mention that the original Dark Knight Returns is a perennial, so everyone interested in the good part of this collection already has it. (I think we have 8 or 9 different editions.) Besides, if you do want it, Amazon has it for $63 US, 37% off.

6 Responses to “DC News: Job, Dark Knight Promotion”

  1. Mark Fossen Says:

    For a moment, I got a flash of divine synergy. Seeing this job listing open up just as I’m looking for one …. but good lord, even that is not worth moving back to New York.

  2. Johanna Says:

    That’s why I ended up leaving, much as I enjoyed it… they didn’t believe in working remotely, even for a job that was 85% online all the time.

  3. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I’d *love* such a job, and the train to New York is around the corner. Sadly, I’ve spent my life as a business analyst, not an editor, and since they want experience as an editor…

    Maybe I’ll apply anyway. Can’t hurt.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Interesting…. I don’t have some of the editorial experience they want. Yet I wonder if my time helping on DC Online way back when might help.

  5. Rachel Says:

    Sounds like fun, but I lack the location and the degree. Tough luck!

  6. Barry Says:

    You couldn’t pay me enough to have to manage those message boards 5 days a week. Kudos to you for having done that on a regular basis without losing your sanity.




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