Wizard Coming!

Like Bill, I can’t believe that Wizard Chicago is only a week away now. Also like Bill, I will only be there on Friday. (I will be posting a recent picture of myself soon in case anyone wants to say hi. In case people plan nefariousness, be aware that plenty of people know where I am and my husband is large and protective.)

Examining the featured guest list (link no longer available), I notice that their track record is even worse than San Diego’s. The only woman listed as a creator, instead of an actress or “model”, is Jinky Coronado. She supposedly draws Banzai Girl, but since her website is dedicated more to her appearances in a panty-shot-friendly schoolgirl skirt than her work, I find that suspicious.

I will say that Wizard’s format, showing a head shot and an example of the creator’s work, is very nice, especially if your memory is spotty.

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  1. Paul Sizer Says:

    Chalk me up in the “I’ll be there!” column as well! After a 2 year hiatus, I decided to take the dive and do Wizard World Chicago again. Prompted by having actual new books to push, I will be in Artist’s Alley pimping myself and selling as many MOPED ARMY and LITTLE WHITE MOUSE OMNIBUS collections as I can to the Chicago market.
    I’m very curious to see how I do at this show, and am already planning the trip as being in the red, so if I do better than that, I’ll have a nice surprise. I’m also using this as a barometer as to whether I’ll persue doing this level of show in the future, or if my time is better spent doing smaller, more fan-driven shows. Truthfully, Jane and I do better at librarian’s conferences with sales; last one we did, we had a line around the room for people picking up our books. I may be hitting that circuit and switching out some comic conventions for library gigs.
    And yeah, it looks pretty sparse for female “featured” guests at Chicago, although there’s always a great representation of female creators in Artist Alley, so time spent there will hopefully be productive. Last con I was at with Jinky there, I was kitty corner from her booth and she spent the entire time leaning across the table to hand fanboys signed books, although I never actually saw her sign them or do any drawing. She also had a little stool she perched on, and bent over alot in her little school girl outfit to get stuff from under the table, so needless to say she was an excellent representative for female comic creators….NOT! Sigh, the battle continues…
    Stop by the table and say HELLO is you’re around on Friday, Johanna, I’d love to see you and the KC Man! Jane won’t be there until Saturday, so you’ll miss out on her sparkling presence, but hey…

  2. tyler page Says:

    this will actually be the first year I’ve ever had to miss WWC, but with good reason – I’m getting married the very next weekend! we’ll be back on the con circuit next year in full force – very likely with a Nothing Better collection to promote. Have fun!

  3. Johanna Says:

    Paul, I’m so excited to hear you’ll be there! I’ll be sure to say hi. I’m looking forward to Artists Alley as well — I know that there are lots of people who do great work that I’ll love seeing, although they don’t rank on Wizard’s list as important enough to feature. (Wizard’s loss.)

    Great points about how to choose where to best spend your time, too.

    Tyler, what exciting news! (Even if it does mean no show.) Congratulations and best wishes to you and your bride! I’m looking forward to reading more Nothing Better in print in the future, too.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Paul, have you looked at APE? Based on the praise I’ve heard for Little White Mouse, I suspect it’ll fit well there.

    Have fun in Chicago everybody!

  5. Johanna Says:

    Lyle, you just want Paul to come to your neck of the woods, don’t you? :)

  6. Dan Coyle Says:

    The art in Banzai Girl is credited to Coronado and “art assists” by Wilson Tortosa. Though I wonder just how much “assistance” was there. She wrote it, though. Believe me, I can tell.

    If I were really petty, I’d mention the copyright notice that seems to indicate she’s Mrs. David Campiti, but I won’t.

  7. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    Congrats, Tyler!

    I’m not going to Chicago this year, either. It’s too close to San Diego, and I already spent my “Chicago money” on a family reunion vacation I took earlier in the year.

    Can’t wait to see what weekend Wizard has lined up for next year’s Chicago Con. San Diego is the very last weekend of July in 2007. It’s possible that they might have one on top of the other — maybe only a week apart.

  8. Roger A Says:

    According to a press release at The Pulse, next year’s WWC is August 9-12.

  9. James Schee Says:

    Have fun in Chicago everyone, gosh I really gotta try and get to a con next year.

    Oh and yeah KC is big, but Johanna is the one I’d be most scared of in a fight. So any nefarious people had better watch out!:)

  10. Bill Says:

    Jeez, the more people I hear about in Artist Alley, the more I think I’m just going to hang out there most of the day. You people are going to bankrupt me with your excellent comic books, dammit!

    The thing that made me laugh about the guest list is how many of these “New” guests they’ve added have been on the Artist Alley list for over a month now. It’s like the just checked out that list and thought, “Hey, maybe we can promote some of these people or something!”

    And by the way, thanks for the link, Johanna! I hope I get to meet you and KC out on the floor somewhere.

  11. Alan Coil Says:

    I am surprised there are ANY female creators allowed at the Wizard conventions. I see little in Wizard magazine to indicate that they recognize women as anything other than playthings.

    I quit going to the Wizard convention for a couple years because they had live wrestling with music so loud my sinuses were throbbing. (Thankfully, the last time I went there was no wrestling.)

  12. J. Kevin Carrier Says:

    I’ll be set up in Artist Alley, as usual. Hope to see you there!

  13. David Oakes Says:

    Another nefarious scheme foiled. Curse you, Super-Editor!!!

  14. Jinky Coronado Says:

    Dan Coyle, why would it be “petty” to mention who my husband is? That would be like saying it’s “petty” to mention our daughter’s name is Jasmine. I’ve had the benefit of seven-and-a-half years of learning how to draw and write comics from him, while helping him run one of the biggest graphics studios/agencies in the world, so “petty” isn’t the word for it. “Proud”? “Happy”? Those are good words.

    I wish you, and Johanna who questioned whether I drew BANZAI GIRL or not, had asked me about it. Besides the fans’ sketches I was doing, I could have shown you art from a book for TokyoPop that I’m DRAWING but NOT writing, called AVALON HIGH, written by besrt-selling author Meg Cabot. One of the REASONS I took the AVALON HIGH project was to show people that an artist IS permitted to be pretty AND have some talent, too…and could illustrate a project with someone else writing.

    I’m really curious, now: Did anyone ever question whether Wendy Pini ever really drew ELFQUEST because she ran around in a chainmail bikini at early conventions as Red Sonja (and, later, as her own character Cutter)? I just got into looking at ELFQUEST recently and am left wondering….

    …for that matter, I’ve seen pictures of an artist named Colleen Doran early in her career, and she was lovely. Did that mean she didn’t draw her own work?

    Or I am being singled out here for some reason?

    — Jinky

  15. Tokyopop Manga Magazine Out » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Meg Cabot, but I hadn’t yet seen any mention of the artist. Now that I see it’s by Jinky Coronado, I can understand why. I wouldn’t want someone best known for panty shots connected with my […]

  16. Jinky Coronado Says:

    Again, a dumb response. What does “panty shotsw” on one project have to do with AVALON HIGH? That’s like saying that, becasue Adam Hughes drew Penthouse comix years ago, he shouldn’t be connected with an all-ages character like Wonder Woman. C’mon, that grip on relaity is lsiding away for you by the moment! (Or is it merely the rudeness that takes over when people type from their homes on the internet, typing stuff they’d never say to a human being’s face?)

    Meg Cabot has spoken highly of me repeatedly on her websites, AND TokyoPop — by CONTRACT — could only list Meg’s work in early P.R.

    Later on, Meg insisted I be equally publicized, so I was. Now I’m hip-deep in drawing AVALON HIGH Volume 2, which is twice as many pages as #1. So clearly everyone involved likes my work. And it’s selling well, so Meg and I have apparently done our kobs.

    — Jinky

  17. Richard Vasseur Says:

    Well I have read and looked through all the Banzai Girl and Banzai Girls comics and found them enjoyable. The art is great and yes it has panty shots but if thats all you see your certainly missing a lot. Her artistic abilities just keep improving with each issue. The storyline has action and adventure. And also you get into Jinky’s family and friends. It isn’t just a cheesecake comic.
    It is well worth checking out.




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