Quesada on Colbert
July 28, 2006

Watched Joe Quesada’s appearance on The Colbert Report this morning (the wonders of TiVo). The best part of it had nothing to do with Quesada, though — it’s during the introduction, when Colbert stands up and starts ripping off his suit jacket, shirt, and tie to reveal underneath … another suit jacket, shirt, and tie.

That’s in contrast to Quesada’s open short-sleeve button-down shirt over t-shirt, which made him look like he walked in off the street. Quesada didn’t come off very well at all. He was trying to explain Civil War but kept stumbling, leading KC to remark “that’s the problem with that story, you can’t explain it in 50 words or less.”

After Quesada said something about the story being about the opposition of civil liberties and personal freedom, I gave up… because those two things are on the same side. I think he meant the story involves civil liberties vs. either security or adherence to governmental authority, but either way, I’m not interested.

Colbert was as funny as always, though, getting mock-upset when told that Captain America opposed superhero registration and describing the hero as “wrapped in the flag, with rock-hard abs.”

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Ralf Haring writes:  

I thought he took too long to explain Civil War as well. It needs to be short and simple.

“Some superheroes screwed up and innocents died, so the public is against them. The government steps in and wants to regulate and license them. The heroes are split down the middle on whether that’s a good idea.”

That’s 37 words. ;-) You don’t need to know that it happened in Stamford. You don’t need to even know any of the particulars of exactly who screwed up doing what where and how many died because of it.

Barry writes:  

Completely forgot to watch it, but it sounds like Quesada came off exactly as I expected him to: the stereotype of the fanboy-turned-unprofessional professional.

Stan Lee may come off as a goofball (probably intentionally) but at least he’s a charming, professional goofball who has actually made a significant contribution to his chosen field.

Methinks the comics industry could use a new spokesperson: I nominate Johanna. :-)

Lea writes:  

“Some superheroes screwed up and innocents died, so the public is against them. The government steps in and wants to regulate and license them.”

Wow. 80’s flashback.


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez writes:  

Not sure if Dan updated if after you saw it — I just saw it this morning — but Colbert’s intro is in the clip.

Johanna writes:  

You’re right! I’ll fix that, thank you.

Joe Quesada, Scab? » Comics Worth Reading writes:  

[…] reaching, with people who wouldn’t normally get airtime used to fill slots. (Although Quesada appeared before, to promote Civil War, which in my opinion, he didn’t do very […]


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