PR: What Not to Do: Limited Submissions

I’m not very familiar with Arcana Studios (did they do a generic-looking Free Comic Book one year?), so maybe they really are operating with good intentions, here, but let’s play spot the mixed message:

Arcana Studios is publishing The Dark Horrors Anthology in October and is holding a talent search for contributions. The talent search is open to writers, pencillers, inkers, letterers, and colorists/greyscalers who think they’ve got what it takes to create macabre stories of psychological horror. Official submission guidelines can be found on Arcana Studio’s online message boards.

James Nadiger and Aaron Nelson are the editors in chief of this project and all entries will need to be cleared with them. So far there have been over 30 full length stories submitted and this $9.95 book will only be able to have 150 pages.

Yep, that’s right: “we’re looking for submissions” but “we’ve got an awful lot of stories submitted already and a firm page count limit”. A full-length story, in typical comic terms, is 22 pages, so they’re only going to be able to have just under seven stories chosen (assuming no ad/editorial/filler pages).

If they’ve already gotten 30 but are now putting the word out that they’re looking for more, those 30 must not be acceptable… which isn’t good news for early submitters. Warning, additional cheap shot coming:

Arcana Studios was founded in 2004 by Sean O’Reilly and has since become Canada’s largest comic book publisher. Arcana has just finished working with NBC on the new series Pscyh and is currently working with Disney on TWO massive video games for XBox 360.

“Canada’s largest comic book publisher” can’t spell the name of the TV show they’re working on correctly?

6 Responses to “PR: What Not to Do: Limited Submissions”

  1. Nat Gertler Says:

    To be fair, when you open up submissions to everyone and anyone the vast majority of submissions are likely to be unacceptable; it’s not a surprise if they can’t find 150 usable pages out of 30 submissions.

    (And if anyone is wondering, while Psych is actually a USA Network series, the USA Network is owned by NBC Universal, making the NBC reference at least semi-legit.)

  2. Oni-Press FAN! Says:


    I am beginning to think that your entire existance is to find the negative in a press release.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way they put things. They already have recieved 30 submissions, but are looking for more. If you’ve ever edited, I am not sure you have or haven’t so I am not slighting you here, you’d know that the idea is to get the BEST stories out of the bunch. If they’ve only read 30, how do they know which 22 will be best overall? Are they waiting to see the best 22 out of whatever the total number is?

    Who knows.

    On your other note, you’re right on the head. What sort of company makes an annoucement without at least spellchecking the names of the shows and comics you work on?

  3. Johanna Says:

    Not 22 stories, 7 stories at 22 pages each. (They may be using some other page count, though. I’m just assuming that that’s what they mean by “full length” (sic).)

  4. Ed Cunard Says:

    Canada’s largest comic book publisher? Someone better call Drawn & Quarterly.

  5. Johanna Says:

    I knew that sounded funny… but I couldn’t remember why. That’s it!

  6. Dwight Williams Says:

    I wasn’t sure that I wanted to raise the point either way.

    I certainly appreciate the fact that we now have more than one viable publisher up here, though.




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