Tech Jacket: Lost and Found

The six existing issues of the cosmic teen superhero series have been reprinted in a manga-like black-and-white digest. Zack is a normal kid who happens to see a crashing spaceship. One of the last survivors gives him a tech jacket, an aware mechanical vest that gives him the usual complement of powers through alien weapon technology.

Tech Jacket: Lost and Found cover
Tech Jacket:
Lost and Found
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Instead of being freaked out or concerned, Zack (with his dad’s help) thinks that this is pretty cool, especially when he winds up helping fight an interstellar war. He’s eager to explore the opportunity that’s fallen into his lap, and the experience helps him grow up and become more self-confident.

This is an old-fashioned adventure, reminiscent of Green Lantern or The Last Starfighter, where the hero has fun with his amazing abilities instead of being disturbed by them or the disruption of his life.

The story reads better in one volume, and the book has great crossover potential for manga fans. In single issues, the pacing seemed slow, compared to what else was on the market. Here, it’s a pleasant take on classic all-ages superhero space adventure.

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