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The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy’s Great Idea adapts the first book in the popular novel series by Ann M. Martin into comic form. Raina Telgemeier beautifully handles the conversion, creating a work that reads as though it had always been illustrated. It’s a great story for girls of all ages.

Kristy has the idea of forming the club with two friends and a new acquaintance. Mary Anne is shy, with an overprotective single father. Claudia’s growing up a bit faster than the others, and her new friend Stacey just moved to town from New York City. The girls carefully plan their endeavor, solve problems, advertise, and successfully start a small business where each have their own skills to contribute.

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The Baby-Sitters Club
Kristy’s Great Idea
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Kristy’s energy means she speaks before she thinks, often seeming rude and making up for it later with heartfelt notes. She’s adapting to seeing her divorced mother date seriously, and she’s part of a large family where her tasks include taking care of her younger brother. (Her older brothers share that duty, which makes it a family responsibility instead of a girl one.) That’s just one of the many elements making up the various plots in the book. There’s a lot going on, which makes for full chapters and different kinds of drama and suspense.

The real appeal of the book for me, though, was Telgemeier’s stunning art. Her characters are drawn as expressive and lively, as though they’re capable of stepping off the page. Her simple style is unassuming, clean, friendly, and deceptive in the way she makes it look so easy. The story flows through the panels, with never a misstep or poorly chosen angle. Well-selected moments of exaggeration let the reader feel the same emotions as the characters.

The wordless scenes where the girls are shown taking care of youngsters are some of the best in the book. They show so much through charming, playful illustrations. The girls are obviously skilled at baby-sitting, yet the book isn’t showy about their abilities. It’s a quiet competence that encourages the reader to accept their capabilities without question and demonstrates the good feeling resulting from valued work.

In a world that too often thinks having one girl on the team or in the group suffices, it’s also refreshing to see such different personalities and types represented. They’re all unique, yet still shown as normal.

Raina Telgemeier has a website, as does the publisher.

15 Responses to “*The Baby-Sitters Club — Recommended”

  1. ~chris Says:

    I’ve never read the books. But with Raina’s art, it’s also a great story for guys of all ages.

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    […] If you’ve read The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel or the Smile webcomic, then you’re already familiar with the immensely talented work of Raina Telgemeier. […]

  3. Ash Says:

    Well, when i was growing up, i read every single one of the BSC books by Ann. M. Martin, so i know the stories back to front. but then the other day, i was in the book shop and found this version of it! i think they are so much better now they have animations. very good idea, and i cannot wait to read them all like that :)


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  5. LILLY AWUAH Says:

    I think Babysitters club story books are wonderful.I love them,And I would like to read some more stories on the net,I’ve already read about 11 stories.

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  7. Fatima Says:

    I’ve read this book, Kristy’s great idea, as well as i’ve read other books of this series, but the old version, this one makes it more atractive for us, the kids. In this book, kristy has the idea of making the babysitters club, with her best friend mary ann, her friend Claudia Kishi, and Claudia’s new best friend, Stacey Mcgill, who is from New York and has diabetes, they make this club, so people can find many sitters in 1 call, and it works out really good.
    In the second book, Claudia and the Phantom phone calls, Claudia likes a boy named Trevor sandboune, Claudia, is an artist, he is a poet, there is going to be a dance and she wants to go with him. There is a bulgar, named the phantom caller, who calls to the houses and hangs up,the babysitters are really scared about him, while Claudia is babysitting, she gets calls were the person hangs up, she is really scared, at the end it happened to be Trevor, he wanted to ask her out, but was too shy to do it.
    The thirs book, The thruth about Stacey, its really fun too, the babysitters start to have competition, because there is a new babysitters agency, wich people start to call, instead of the babysitters club, and they start to lose clients, Stacey, has a lot of trouble because of hwr diabetes, and that made her move from new york, because her friends made fun of her, so now that she’s going on a trip to New York, she meets again with her ex- best friend Laine, you’ll have to read it to know what comes next.
    The fourth book, Mary Ann saves the day,in this book, the babysitters club members have a fight, and stop talking with eachother, Mary Ann is the only one who hasn’t any other friends, but then she meets Dawn Schafer, a new girl from California, she turns to be Mary anns new best friend, but really, she wants to make her friends jealous, one day while Mary Ann is babysitting for Jenny, she gets really sick, and dosen’t know what to do, so she calls Dawn for help, it’s a really big emergency, so they call an ambulance, and leave a message to the parents, Jenny gets better, Mary Ann apologize with her friends, and they make Dawn a member of the babysitters club.

  8. Aish Says:

    I am pretty much addicted to these books! Their my absolute fav series and I have like, 60 books! I want read them all but I jus can’t get my hands on them. But I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. hahfkl Says:

    I think this book is for littler kids than me! but good!!

  11. hottie Says:

    Well I really enjoyed the BSC. I love the sense of humor. And I LUV <3 the romance!

  12. Jenny Says:

    Woah!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love the bsc.especially stacey,she is so sophisicated.I have about a 100 of them.still searching 4 more,though.

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  15. Amisha Says:

    It’s a very nice storybook.I just love it




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