Graphic Novel News Catchup

DC’s going back to press on their Fallen Angel collection… but the price has gone from $12.95 to $14.99. I hope there’s enough demand for them to consider collecting some additional issues.

Prism Comics is seeking volunteer help for their 2007 Prism Guide to LGBT Comics. They’re looking for an Editor and a Designer. I couldn’t find the release at their site, but here’s a very similar request from last year.

Archie Comics is putting out Sonic the Hedgehog Archives. Don’t get too excited, though — they’re using “archives” as another word for “reprint digest”. The first one will ship in November, collecting four recolored issues for $7.49 US.

ICV2 says Tower Records is in trouble.

Although the 89-store Tower chain was nowhere near as large as Musicland, it’s still another nail in the coffin of the music store channel, which over the last ten years has been an important source of sales on graphic novels, home video, toys, and other licensed goods.

I guess Tower no longer has the cachet it once did. Now, there’s the internet for overseas purchases or downloads, but I remember when a Tower was the place for those interested in more obscure bands or imports.

4 Responses to “Graphic Novel News Catchup”

  1. Dan Says:

    Tower Records recent spate of troubles is obviously due to internet piracy and file sharing. Remember folks, you saw it here first at CWR.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, Dan, not what I was saying. (Note the word “purchases” for one.)

    The world has changed, so that there are a lot more outlets for the kind of product Tower used to be the only source for. They’re experiencing the same problems that a lot of independent record stores have succumbed to.

  3. Dan Says:

    Sorry Johanna, I was joking. It just didn’t translate to print as well as I would have liked. I am curious, though… how long before someone makes that connection. :)

    On a sad note, my two favorite indy record shops in Champaign Illinois just closed. R.I.P. Disc-Go-Round and Record Swap. Curse you internet! Curse your convienent easy ordering, super low prices, and impossibly infinite selection.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Sorry I didn’t recognize that, Dan.

    I too mourn the passing of the indy record store — but it’s hard to be too sad when they’ve already passed me by. While traveling, I went to an old favorite that used to have great selection (and obviously a really knowledgeable buyer), but now, it seemed to have refocused on speed metal, and the clerks were useless.




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