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Gene Colan is offering a final chance to buy sketches from him before his retirement.

The rumors are true. Gene Colan, one of the most respected, influential and beloved artists in the history of comics, is getting ready to retire. But to give his fans an opportunity to own his original art, he’s agreed to a grand farewell. Gene has agree to do a limited amount before he retires. These 14″ x 17″ pencil portraits will be of anything fans desire, either one of the characters he helped make famous (such as Daredevil, Dracula, Iron Man, Namor, Capt. America, etc.) or anything else that fans want. You can even have Gene create your own superhero! … The cost of the full figure sketch (any character of your choice on 14″x17″ board) is $250.00 + shipping.

Yet Another Comics Blog is giving away 100 comics to celebrate the blog’s second anniversary. Just recommend a favorite comic to enter.

Lyle recommends Life on Mars, a BBC America TV series I’m also enjoying. It combines police drama with a hint of either time travel or medical mystery, depending on which explanation you want to believe. I find it involving because of the cultural contrasts between 1973 and now, complicated (for me, in a good way) by the British/American divisions.

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  1. Mike Chary Says:

    And “Sweeny/Sweeny 2″ are available on DVD as well.

    Didn’t you live in England in the 1970’s?

  2. Johanna Says:

    What does Sweeny have to do with anything? I’m confused.

    I lived in England from 1972-1976, yes.

  3. Mike Chary Says:

    Life on Mars is a parody/tribute to the hard-bitten police procedurals popular in Britain during the 1970’s. THe Sweeney is the paradigmatic example of that, but is only available on Region 2 DVD, however, the movie spinoffs are available here, apparently.

  4. Ali Kokmen Says:

    Among the most prized pieces in my small-and-eclectic collection of original art is a Gene Colan commission (take a peek at ) I gotta believe anyone taking advantage of his pre-retirement sketch offer is not going to be disappointed!


  5. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    If only Colan had decided to retire a year ago when I had the money. . . Those are fantastic pieces well worth the relatively paltry sum.

  6. Michael Denton Says:

    I had to do this! Thanks for the notice, Johanna. I fortunately will be receiving a little extra money soon and who could (if you got tha dough) pass up to get this legend’s artwork. I’m super-excited!!

  7. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    Thanks again for this heads-up. I had an AWESOME sketch of Daredevil done for my hubby that I just got today, and it’s SO cool.




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