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I thought I was done with the Chicago Con, but here’s a couple more links:

I was very sad to have to miss the Pro/Fan Silver Age Trivia Challenge, since I’d seen some of the earliest ones and even kept score at one or two of them. I had no idea Mark Waid took on the fan team all by himself, and via cellphone! Apparently you can watch it yourself on YouTube.

Andy Runton has posted a set of Owly sketches he did at the convention. The Owly-as-Etrigan really tickled me, mainly because someone knows the character well: Wormy is drawn as Harry the Human Pillow. I love the way Andy draws not just Owly, but Wormy as well, always in a coordinating outfit. Check out Carbonite Wormy in the last, elaborate Star Wars homage.

And some other transitions, as well:

Congratulations to Greg McElhatton for achieving the milestone of 1000 comic reviews, and best wishes for his new site, Read About Comics. (I have an old fondness for the RAC abbreviation, since it reminds me of rec.arts.comics.)

Very neat to see Vincent at Spandex Justice going though his blogroll and talking about what blogs he reads and what he enjoys about them. (And thanks very much for including mine!)

That kind of analysis helps answer the questions about link protocol posed at Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge. They’re right about it being awkward to receive email asking to be added.

My links are determined based on several things: do I read and enjoy this blog regularly? do they update frequently? are they primarily about comics? I want to be confident that readers who enjoy this blog will also enjoy those, since I’m recommending them.

There’s nothing wrong with making someone whose work you enjoy and/or respect aware of your blog, in case they haven’t seen it — but it’s a fine line to stay on that side of the notification, without seeming to be asking to be included. And reading too much into being linked or not being linked is probably a bad idea.

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