Encyclopedia Brown and the Mysterious Presidency of George W. Bush

Thanks to Lea Hernandez, I found out about this promo piece for an upcoming humor book that uses the well-remembered children’s series to parody politics. She illustrated it, you see, and she does quite a good job, capturing both the simplicity of the Encyclopedia Brown books and the idiocy of George Bush.

Encyclopedia Brown and the Mysterious Presidency of George W. Bush cover
Encyclopedia Brown
and the Mysterious
Presidency of
George W. Bush
(Book has apparently
been cancelled)

Author John Warner’s style is to craft simple paragraphs in the style of the original material and then end them with a zinger. For instance, from the introduction:

In his spare time, Encyclopedia ran a detective agency out of his garage with Sally Kimball, his junior partner. Sally was the prettiest girl in the fifth grade and the toughest, too. She was the only person who could stand up to Bugs Meany, Encyclopedia’s arch enemy and the leader of the local gang, the Tigers. Sally’s parents wondered if she might be a lesbian.

This booklet contains two stories. The first is “The Case of the Supreme Court Showdown”, in which Encyclopedia goes to Washington to try to prevent Bugs Meany from stealing a fair resolution to the 2000 election. The second, which doesn’t appear in the actual book, is “The Case of the Million Little Lies”, about plagarism and a fictional memoir.

The only Hernandez piece is the cover, sadly — I’d like to have seen more of her work. Read this sampler yourself as a PDF preview (link no longer available).

6 Responses to “Encyclopedia Brown and the Mysterious Presidency of George W. Bush”

  1. John Platt Says:

    Seems to me like the read Encyclopedia Brown author would be a bit upset. Parody doesn’t mean using the exact same name.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I don’t know Donald J. Sobol’s feelings, but I think there’s precedent for using other people’s characters in books like The Wind Done Gone.

  3. Lea Says:

    I actually did eighteen interior illustrations as well, and they’re totally going to be worth the wait and the $10.

    There was only a cover for the PDF because we only had a week to get it ready for BEA.

    I can’t say how Sobol feels, nor the illustrator, Leonard Shortall, but I am a fan of both. (Shortall, especially, since the scritchiness of his linework belies a keen eye for expression and detail.)

  4. Greg Morrow Says:

    I think this is probably work reprinted from Modern Humorist’s website.

  5. Lea Says:

    Only Part-Way Pilot and Supreme Court Showdown from Modern Humorist are in this book, the other seven are new.

    And the new illustrations by me, of course.

  6. Greg Morrow Says:

    That’s cool news, Lea, and a lot more likely to get me to buy.




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