Sizer Love

Heh heh heh. You should listen. Bill really enjoyed Little White Mouse: Open Space after sampling it at Chicago Con.

If you don’t want to spring for the Omnibus, there’s a special offer from the self-publisher: get the first book for $5. Here’s the direct ordering link.

9 Responses to “Sizer Love”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Does the Omnibus contain your nifty intro from book 2?

    Plus when are we going to see that “Hammer of Snark” sketch?:)

  2. Dan Says:

    Hey, yeah!!!! Hammer Of Snark! Hammer Of Snark! Hammer Of Snark!

  3. Johanna Says:

    Yes, the introductions were also included in the Omnibus. And I’m working on the sketch!

  4. Janer Says:

    YAY! Thanks for the hat-tip, Johanna! We’re gonna need all the help we can to sell all the rest of those.

    Glad Bill liked the book. Good taste, that one.

  5. Paul Sizer Says:

    Aww, thanks for the Sizer Love, it’s so….Sizer-y.
    And for even more ease of use, here’s the direct link to my online store for checking out the offer:

    Scary thing? Less than an hour after I decided to do this and posted the webpage, I got my first order, from a guy who said he read about the offer from this blog, and always wanted to try the book. The speedy interweb is a wondrous thing indeed!

  6. Bill D. Says:

    It’s not like I routinely doubt you or anything, more that I perhaps momentarily forgot that when you’re right, you’re really rather very right!

  7. Johanna Says:

    I apologize for temporarily succumbing to the impulse to say “ha ha told you so.” It’s not very gracious. :)

  8. Bill D. Says:

    Don’t worry, Johanna, I understood the context. As a Proficient Snark Hammer Wielder (1st Class), you’re allowed to gloat from time to time. :)

  9. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Here’s the long-promised sketch Paul Sizer did for me at Chicago Con. […]




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