Retailer Appreciation Day

Beckett Comics has declared Saturday to be Retailer Appreciation Day. Spend $15 at your local comic store, get a coupon (no longer available) signed, send it in with your receipt, and get a preview and print (while supplies last).

This is an interesting way to give away promotional material while gaining retailer awareness and working in partnership with dedicated stores.

2 Responses to “Retailer Appreciation Day”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    I think this is even better than Free Comic Book Day, even if it more mercenary.

    At the same time, I think it is of even less practical value than FCBD. Saturday is a big retail day, sure. But are dedicated fans going to forgo picking up their books on Wednesday to get an ad? Are casual fans going to be connected enough to have seen the offer, download the coupon, and have it with them on Wednesday? (No, and Beckett is counting on that, just like any mail-in-rebate. But I think the numbers are going to be even less.)

    Unless the third week of August is a traditionally slow time for retailers (funny how everything got skipped this week, almost like they knew…), I don’t see any advantage to making a “Day” out of it. Limit it to one per household, let people buy anytime during the week (or even month), and show true support to retailers by letting them get a few more bucks out of casual readers in the name of free stuff.

  2. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    Marvel should take this idea and morph it in with the comic book newspaper deal. THAT would be a great promotion!




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