Yet More Civil War Reaction

Yet more Civil War reaction:

I’m always glad to read John Jakala’s comments on almost anything. Here, he takes a positive approach to the situation by talking about how he would have handled things differently: with an all-star-jam fill-in issue. He even provides a smart marketing approach.

Another retailer, Lisa in Wisconsin, weighs in.

Tom Spurgeon makes many points, among which are these: “The delay seems to me to have been announced really, really late in the game.” and “The question is will anyone remember to keep fighting once the Civil War gritty-teeth superhero confrontational soap operatics and high sales start up again? I have my doubts.”

He’s right, I suspect — it’s fun for some to get indignant now, but given the history, it’s unlikely that anything will change, or that anyone will alter their behavior significantly.

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