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I’ve converted my Aishiteruze Baby review to a recommendation page with the addition of book 3. Reading more in this series convinced me that what I liked about it would continue over the run, and that I would want to keep following the series.

I’ve also updated the following recommendation pages:

That last one I especially want to talk more about here. In an industry where rape is considered an appropriate motivation for male heroes and a perfect driver for a big splashy superhero crossover, I was especially surprised and disturbed to see it handled in a different way elsewhere. It’s still a motivator for men, but the woman’s reaction is given as much or more focus, and it’s not something that one tosses into a story lightly. The characters are permanently changed by its happening, and more to the point, we’re allowed to see their trauma and emotions.


  1. Something about Sensual Phrase I wanted to ask your readers about if you don’t mind.

    Does anyone else’s Books a Million store put it and other more adult manga, mostly seems to by Yaoi, in the erotica sectionof the store? Mine does with a bunting that says “Mature Graphic Novels” under it. The only American comic in the section is the recent Power Girl trade oddly.

    I couldn’t find the title for a long time because of this, so by the time I did discover where it was I was too far behind to catch up for the amount of enjoyment I got out of it.

  2. I don’t visit BAM, so I don’t know. Anyone else?

    That placement of Power Girl makes me laugh, though.

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