Rough Stuff

TwoMorrows has launched another magazine, Rough Stuff. It’s a spinoff from the same-named section of Back Issue, and most of the content is annotated sketchbooks.

I wish that this first issue was more than just one long ad for the Modern Masters series of books. Each artist’s section even ends with a plug for the corresponding title. All of those covered — Bruce Timm, Alan Davis, Art Adams, and more — have their own volume, although I don’t know whether the pieces included here are outtakes or reprints from those books, or material they didn’t have room for. Perhaps that was the only way they could get the magazine started, to go with content they already had access to.

Rough Stuff #1 cover
Rough Stuff #1

In addition, editor Bob McLeod writes an editorial entitled “Tight Pencils: The Answer or the Problem?” Since he’s a professional inker, he argues for looser pencils that allow the inker to do more than just trace, saying that tight pencils look “overly controlled and stilted” and “squeeze inkers out of the business”. (Odd that he’s running a mag dedicated to pencil art, then.)

There is one very cool feature that I haven’t seen any other magazine do. It’s called “Rough Critique”, and it’s an invitation for readers to send in a sample pencilled page for analysis. I applaud those brave enough to participate, and it’s a good way for readers to see what a professional would say about their work.

There are good concepts here, and I hope future issues branch out in their coverage. Perhaps they could even include the work of a woman or two?

5 Responses to “Rough Stuff”

  1. Lea Says:

    I hereby volunteer!

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    I questioned this when it was first announced and was assured that the contents of the book are completely separate from the MODERN MASTERS books. No overlap.

    The second issue has since been solicited for October and includes work from the likes of Alex Toth, Matt Wagner, Paul Gulacy, Jerry Ordway, and more.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Oh, neat, that’s a lineup that I’m more excited by… just because I’m less familiar with seeing their sketch work. Thanks!

  4. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] When I talked aboutfirst issue, I asked for a different variety of artists. With Rough Stuff #2, I got my request. […]

  5. Evan Says:

    Ugh, another reason I don’t like inkers. They try too much to be “real artists,” especially when they sometimes don’t even know nearly as much about it as pencilers, when comics as a whole is manufactured art, and they really can’t be, because it screws it up. People remember the penciler’s name if I’m not mistaken, and when they try to be “artists,” all they are doing is messing with the pencilers name. I just wish it was possible to do it fast enough to actually eliminate the need for inkers. Anybody agree?




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