Kare First Love Book 9

At the end of this volume comes an author’s note that mentions that the next volume, Book 10, will be the last in the series. Even before I read that note, though, I suspected that we were getting close to the end. There’s such a feeling of transition throughout, as characters act more maturely and long-standing troubled relationships are repaired.

Kare First Love Book 9 cover
Kare First Love Book 9
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There’s a lot more about Kiriya’s family interactions in this book than about his relationship with Karin. The book opens with Kiriya saving his father from a speeding car, which puts the boy into the hospital. That’s also a common thread through the book, people with medical conditions serious enough to require bed rest or hospitalization. Overall, it makes for a serious read.

Karin serves as catalyst to repair Kiriya’s broken relationships with his mother and his father. She helps him explore his family history, reveals secrets they’ve been keeping from each other, and encourages him to pursue his dream. It’s lovely for him… but when did this book become all about him?

There’s a recurring motif of a particular song his mother used to play for him on the piano, a piece that Karin learns to play as a way of bonding with both him and his mother. At times, it’s almost as though she’s being groomed to take over from his mother in watching out for him. On the one hand, that’s poetic and symbolic of the passing of boy from son to husband; on the other, it’s sort of creepy, that Karin becomes his new little mother, an impression reinforced by the relative lack of romantic elements between the two in this volume.


  1. kare first love is a wonderful book to try if u love romance if its ur first time getting a manga.

  2. Kare First Love is actually my fav. manga to read. I influenced one of my friends to read them but she is into the romance so much she is bying her own books of The Kare First Love. Ilove Kare First Love!

  3. i love the book. it`s so hilarious and so interesting. my friends and i full on want to read more and more. we also got the chills down our spin on the first volume when kiraya tells karin he loves her !

  4. I LOVE this book so much, I think I live on it! I have all of them and I think they should come out with a new one based on Nanri and Tohru dating, and Kiriya & Karin are the ones that they go to for love advice! Is this a good idead??

  5. I love karé first love..it´s very romantic and sooo much beautiful…But i don´t read the last book…how is it?

  6. I love this book,It seems to also give great love advise

  7. T just love it so much!

  8. ce livre n’est pa super mais pas mal

  9. the stORy reAlly rOcks!!!
    …VERy RoMAntIc!!!
    i rEally lOve thiS stORy!!!
    …i reaLLy dO!!

  10. Kare first love is soooo sweet…. one of the cutest shoujos I’ve read!!

  11. Reading this manga gives me the same feeling as reading Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park – it’s soooooo hardddddd to root for the heroine. I really wish these mangakas would come up with a strong, beautiful & intelligent heroine instead. It wouldn’t do well for readers to be influenced by the mediocrity of girls like Karin.

  12. S T O O K I I E

    Kare First Love…

  13. So…….sweet….miyakasa kaho is very smart! when next oof first love?

  14. this book is so cool it is like me and kare are just alike.we both got the sme perfum in the first book ” angel” with the same shape.also we both had glasses at first but then started to wear contacts, and we both have been threw the same things.for people who have been missed treated by freinds and think they couldnt find love should really read this romantic novel.

  15. i love it

    A book worth reading..
    It has an affectionate way with humor,romance,and true love!
    LOVE IT!!

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