Podcast Feedback

Things I’ve learned while sampling podcasts:

Text is better for some things; voice for other. People with speech impediments shouldn’t do podcasts, for instance.

I’m having a problem with the lengths of some of these shows. I’d rather hear a focused 15-20 minutes instead of a wider-ranging 45 minutes or an hour. My commute is only half an hour, and more than that, after too long, anyone’s voice starts sounding like a drone to me. If you want to do longer shows, please publish your timestamp index so I can more easily listen to the pieces I’m interested in.

Length also makes it hard to sample a new show. I started trying shorter ones, since I could try two episodes (in case one was just an off night) in the time some shows took for one entry. That’s why I haven’t yet tried the following shows I’ve heard good things about:

Focus is good. Be more than just “two guys talking about comics”. Give me some reason to remember your show. Collected Comics Library, for instance, focuses on book-format comics, while KomicsKast looks at small press.

Use your description effectively. I may skip your episode focused on Marvel’s Civil War without listening, but I’ll keep you subscribed.

I miss the ability to skim easily. If I’ve stumbled across a long blog post, I can scan past reviews of comics I’m not interested in to get to the commentary, but if the podcast doesn’t publish index tags (most I’ve found don’t), I don’t know how much longer I have to listen to rambling about how great the con was before they get to the coverage I want to hear.

One podcast I was enjoying until the guys started making fun of overweight people who’d dressed up in costume. It was just too much loser-in-the-basement for me to want to continue listening, and there hadn’t been anything very informative or unique in the other material to that point.

So far I’m definitely keeping I Read Comics and Comicology (although I have real issues with the name). I’m sure I’ll enjoy The DivaLea Show as soon as I find its feed URL for iTunes.

11 Responses to “Podcast Feedback”

  1. Auz Says:

    “People with speech impediments shouldn’t do podcasts, for instance.”

    Hmm… well… what about Wossy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Woss

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, I agree that most podscasts need to trim their length and be more focused in their presentation. I’m not sure what the ethos of podcasting is, but it wouldn’t hurt to use a script until you learn how to say what you want efficiently off the cuff. I can tell you from personal experience that getting up and giving a focused presentation of material is very hard. It can be harder if it’s material your familiar with or passionate about, since the temptation to go off on tangents is pretty strong.

    For me, the biggest draw back to podcast is the time needed for listening. Even a tight and entertaining twenty minute podcast is only presenting about five to eight pages of material. (Providing they are talking at normal conversational speed. This is based on my experience writing sermons.) I can read that amount of text in five to eight minutes. So a podcast takes up to four time longer to dispense information for me as reading. Plus, as you point out, with a printed review I can skim over items that don’t interest. I can also a review’s final summation and determine if I want to read the review. Maybe podcasts need to both a time index and either a one sentence summary or star rating. This way you can better determine what parts of the podcast your interested in.

  3. Chaz Larson Says:

    This was what put me off podcasts, as well. It seemed that in the variety of podcasts I’ve sampled, there would be a tiny bit of valuable information surrounded by a lot more meta-talk about the mechanics of [or difficulties experienced in] creating the podcast.

    You know, I’d like to hear stuff about running a Cub Scout den, or getting organized, or whatever. I have no interest in what sort of microphone or software you’re using or how hard it is to update twice a week. If it’s that hard, update once a month. Don’t say you’ll do it twice a week and then spend half your every-other-week podcast apologizing.

  4. Lea Says:

    iTunes feed for the DivaLea Show:


  5. Derek Coward Says:

    Show length is a definite issue for most podcasters, but people like different things. Each time I do a long podcast (nearing an hour), then I get people who complain that its too long. Each time I do one closer to twenty minutes, I hear that the show wasn’t long enough. It’s a balancing act.

    I’m sorry you won’t stick around for my show, but I realize that I have a tendancy to ramble and go off topic. Some people like the conversational tone, but others despise the seeming fact of focus.


  6. Johanna Says:

    Never heard of Wossy before, but I should have been more precise — I was referring to someone who stuttered, for instance. (I went to college with a stutterer who insisted on working as a DJ at the radio station. I admired him for facing his challenges so directly, but that doesn’t mean I wanted to listen to him anchor a show!) Wossy sounds like he has the same problem as Kay Francis did, whom I love to watch.

    Derek, I’m sure that’s frustrating, and conflicting feedback is one of the challenges publishers face. I’m just giving what’s keeping me from sampling more and being more enthusiastic about the medium. Ed’s hit on a lot of the efficiency analysis for me. Comic Book Noise is one of those I’m still subscribing to, though, because I like the length most of the time.

    Lea, thanks!

  7. Derek Says:

    I went a stretch there were I was doing close to an hour, but I usually don’t go that long. The upcoming shows will be closer to 30 minutes, so I’m glad you’re still staying on board.

    Ed’s post also made a lot of sense to me because there are times when I write something out and it seems like it should only take a couple of minutes, but when read it takes over ten. But then again, I talk a little slower than the average person.

  8. Joey Manley Says:

    DivaLea Show iTunes feed:



  9. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    alteregocomiccast.com is pretty good, they do some good interviews, but do get a little long sometimes.

  10. Ian Levenstein Says:

    Sorry to see that our show is a bit too long for your tastes, although I do understand where you’re coming from. As of late we’ve tried to limit ourselves to no longer than an hour and fifteen minutes or so of show, as opposed to the near two hours we had going at our beginning. Some people have long drives and like the long shows, others look for shorter, to the point podcasts. If you ever do want to check us out, make sure to let me know what you think, but nevertheless, glad to see that we were recommended to you.

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