Second Sunday Spidey

Yesterday, the second Spider-Man Sunday newspaper insert appeared, and there have been a couple of changes for the better. This issue reprints part of The Amazing Spider-Man #1, cover-dated March 1963.

The cover blurb is still out-of-date, promising “2 great feature-length Spider-Man thrillers!” when what we get are two chapters of a story that doesn’t even conclude in this issue. My boss, who has been saving her copy for me, handed this over saying, “Now I remember why I never liked superhero comics. Do they still make Archies?” She didn’t care for the silliness (in her opinion) of Spider-Man grabbing a space capsule with his webbing. I told her that the astronaut later became a werewolf and married the Hulk’s cousin, which didn’t improve her opinion any.

But two things are improvements:

  1. Under the “to be continued next week!” line at the end of the comic, in small type, runs the line “To find Marvel Comics at a local comic shop call 1-888-COMICBOOK.” That’s the Diamond Comic Shop Locator number which a number of readers were hoping they’d add.
  2. The ad on the inside back cover reads “Don’t miss the next adventure of the Amazing Spider-Man(TM). Find out where and when to get the next issue at” If you click through the online ad, you wind up at a page listing participating newspapers, which I know many of you were wondering about. (Link no longer available.)

2 Responses to “Second Sunday Spidey”

  1. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Remember the free Spider-Man Sunday paper inserts that started this summer? Well, my local paper, which has been carrying them, today had an interesting blurb… On the front page, in the section with the table of contents and the small plugs for content, was this announcement: The Amazing Spider-Man comic book will not be in your Richmond Times Dispatch after today. The distributor unexpectedly restructured the original agreement, and the Times-Dispatch will no longer participate in this program. […]

  2. kevin Says:

    when are the rest of them going to be avaliable. And where are you going to be able to get them.




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