That’s Just Super

Today’s Monday minicomic is by one of my longtime favorite artists, Rob Ullman (Grand Gestures).

As you might guess from the title and cover, it’s about a superhero. It’s a day in her life, as the requisite emergency requires a hidden change from her secret identity at the office into her powerful alias.

That's Just Super cover

It’s small, the size of an eighth of a piece of standard US paper, but thick, 48 pages. (The cover image above, is roughly life-size on my monitor.) The way the panels are arranged, one or two to a page, creates a reading experience that’s similar to following a really long comic strip, as though a good one just kept going.

Ullman’s smooth style handles both action and the everyday well, and he’s got a knack for attractive women and a flair for simple design. His superwoman is smart, strong, and determined, even in the face of being brushed off by a musclebound male. The way she handles the end of her day isn’t particularly mature, but it’s something any woman can relate to when faced with jerks who reduce a female to her genitals. And I enjoy the uncomplicated comfort of her happy ending.

Copies can be ordered from Ullman’s online store.

2 Responses to “That’s Just Super”

  1. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    This looks cute! I will have to contact him to get some copies for the store.

  2. Michael Denton Says:

    I really liked this mini-comic. It’s totally worth it. And I have to brag that I bought some of the original art for it at Heroes Con!

    Ullman is one of my favorites.




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