ACTOR Name Change

I’m taking the lazy way out: Heidi’s posted the press release in which ACTOR announces that it’s changing its name to Hero Initiative (website update to come) because no one could figure out what “ACTOR” had to do with comics.

Now, it’s just playing into the idea that all comics are about superheroes. Ok, I’m being obnoxious. It makes sense that they’d consider their mission, helping comic creators in need, heroic.

One Response to “ACTOR Name Change”

  1. Ray Cornwall Says:

    Given that most of the comic creators in need probably worked in superhero comics, changing to Hero Initiative makes a lot of sense. Superhero artists got raw deals for the most part, whereas comix creators in the 70s didn’t do so bad for themselves in comparison, and editorial cartoonists probably got union benefits. Or am I missing anyone?




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