Galaxion Returns! and GAM Updates

Thanks to reader Jonathan Miller for passing along the news that Tara Tallan’s Galaxion has returned on GirlAMatic!

Editor Lisa Jonte has sent the press release listing a number of other new features:

The harvest is in and GirlAMatic has come away with a bountiful bushel of talent! We are celebrating the debut of no less than SEVEN shiny new series and the return of TWO old favorites!

In the subscription-based Salon we have:
The Blackwater Tales, a series full of intrigue and roguery by the divine Pippa Carter.

In the Café we are pleased to announce:
Compass, a treasure hunting, world hopping adventure by the splendiferous Traci Spencer.

Galaxion moves from print to web after a long hiatus with its much-beloved creator Tara Tallan!

Iceheart, a dark fairy tale of love, betrayal, and adventure, is brought to us by the dazzling sisters Pancha and Elena Diaz.

Shrub Monkeys is a nigh-autobiographical farce by the sassy-miss Kt Shy.

Unicorn Campaign is a series about a race to catch a rare unicorn, and more, by the ambrosial Rachel Moore.

Voyage Moyen is a journey of life, death and everything in between, by the exquisite Michelle Mauk.

Returning to GAM to be featured in the Café are:
Kismet: Hunter’s Moon by the incomparable Layla Lawlor.
Spades by the scintillating Diana McQueen.

It’s all fresh and fair for the reading. Come sample our wares!

4 Responses to “Galaxion Returns! and GAM Updates”

  1. Dave Carter Says:

    Galaxion? Yay! This is a happy day!

  2. James Schee Says:

    Oohh… I wonder if there will be a collection? I’ve never visited girlamatic before, paying for online comics never appealed to me. I might consider with this though.

  3. Wendy Linkous Says:

    Most of the new comics – Galaxion included! – are on the FREE cafe of Girlamatic, so those of you who aren’t interested in paying for online comics, you don’t have to pay a thing to read these. Oh, and Tara’s last name is properly spelled Tallan.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Yikes, fixed, thanks, Wendy!




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