First Second’s Second Season

I am a slug, because I have yet to read any of the first set of First Second‘s graphic novels, and here they are putting out their second batch (due tomorrow).

They’re all well-reviewed and look great, but the standout seems to be Gene Yang‘s American Born Chinese. If you’re on the left coast, there’s even a launch event a week from tomorrow at the Isotope.

Check these books out — there’s plenty of preview material at the first link to show you more.

3 Responses to “First Second’s Second Season”

  1. James Schee Says:

    American Born Chinese sounds interesting. Only book from them I’ve seen is Lost Colony, which just wasn’t for my tastes. Yet they are an impressive looking company.

  2. hcduvall Says:

    I’ve been waiting for Kampung Boy for months. And they’ve definately been operating like a company to look forward to–good, international list, coherent plan, timely and reasonably size releases…

  3. Dan Coyle Says:

    American Born Chinese has a great structure, and is well worth your time, but the ending left something to be desired.




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