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I’m back — did you miss me?

I’ll have a longer post on why I was gone later. (Short answer: Baltimore Comic-Con, and it was great!) For now, though, some random thoughts on things I’ve been catching up on.

Dave Carter uses math well, indicating why gross numbers aren’t the best way to respond to the question “Why, if Tokyopop and Viz put out the same rough number of titles monthly, do people think Tokyopop is flooding the market while Viz acts responsibly?” Because Viz supports more long-running titles, that’s why. The commentors add additional insight.

Update: Dave adds two more months of data, showing that the pattern is consistent.

Justified Savage Complaint Department: Ragnell points out how Black Panther is sexist while Dorian isn’t excited by DC and Marvel summit announcements, Marvel’s homophobia (their flagship gay character dead), or DC’s use of tentacle rape and a near-naked Poison Ivy.

Blog punching bag James Meeley is blogging again. His first few posts take the radical positions that comics were more fun when readers didn’t know what was coming up; that editors should keep sex out of superhero comics because they should be for all ages (i.e. kids, an idea that’s a long-standing preoccupation of Meeley’s); and that late comics are bad. (If I didn’t know better, I’d think Meeley was a Byrne sock puppet, give the conservative fogeyness of these opinions.)

But the BEST part of his return happened when he started responding to links to his blog with cease and desist messages. This has resulted in both BeaucoupKevin and I spreading links and ridicule more widely, demonstrating the Streisand Effect.

This one’s for KC: Chris at ISB reviews Big Apple Takedown, a novel featuring WWE wrestlers as spies. Hilarious!

Last, as usual after a comic award ceremony, DC sent out the following message summing up their results as part of their weekly retailer newsletter:


The winners of the 2006 Harvey Award winners [sic] were announced at the Baltimore Comic-Con on September 9, with DC Comics taking home awards in four categories. DC congratulates all the winners and thanks all who took part in the voting process.

DC’s 2006 Harvey Award winners are:

Special Award for Humor in Comics
* Kyle Baker (PLASTIC MAN)
Best Anthology
Best Cover Artist
* James Jean (FABLES)
Best Artist
* J.H. Williams III (PROMETHEA)

That’s a nice message and a classy way to recognize their titles and creators. However, I found it noteworthy that of the four awards, only one is for a title that’s still being published. The other three were cancelled or concluded.

7 Responses to “Rambling LinkBlogging”

  1. John Jakala Says:

    Wow, the Meeley Charm Offensive is really in full force this time around.

  2. Ragnell Says:

    That’s not all the places he’s been.

  3. James Schee Says:

    “I’m back — did you miss me?”

    Yup! So much that I had to go back to blogging myself for TWO whole days!!:) Then I went back to work, worked until 2 a.m., slept in and then had a date, so I’m glad you’re back now for my comic talk.

    Odd thing on James Meeley, I used to talk with him and his wife Heidi a lot back when I was on AOL. Never met them in person, but it was nice even if I disagreed.

    I don’t have the time to follow stuff too much these days. Yet what I do see just makes me scratch my head and wonder.

    On the news department though, I’m actually sort of excited about some of the stuff I heard DC and Marvel at BC. Whedon was a big surprise for me on Runaways, and changed my mind on whether to drop that book.

    And while I won’t buy them, I just don’t get Kirby, the HC collections of them sound interesting.

    Though I do scratch my head at reprinting bios of characters and situations that no longer exist or are relevant with the Who’s Who. That seems to be almost saying “see what we’re NOT doing anymore?”

  4. Johanna Says:

    Gracious, Ragnell, his behavior there is astounding. Someone has control issues that he’s displaying proudly for everyone. My sympathy.

  5. Ray Cornwall Says:

    That’s ridiculous. Heck, Johanna, you can link to http://www.whyilovecomics.com any time you want, especially since I’m going to review 35 books in 30 days! With haikus, too! Who can resist that?

  6. Johanna Says:

    Impressive! Good luck with that.

  7. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Looks like James Meeley has taken his blog and gone home. Told by everyone and their dog that you can’t control who links to content you make public, he’s apparently decided to shut down the blog he recently started and delete any comments he posted on anyone else’s blog instead of admitting he was wrong. (Here’s a writeup of the whole thing.) […]




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