Jazz Age Launches Origin Story

I really like Ted Slampyak’s Jazz Age, so I’m passing along this update:

After a month-long summer vacation, Jazz Age returns this week with “Fargus,” a brand-new story that goes back to the beginning to see how Professor Clifton M. Jennings and Dr. Hans Fargus first crossed paths. It takes place in Germany during World War I, and evokes the mood and feel — and perhaps more — of the classic German silent film Nosferatu! The secret in Jennings’ past is finally revealed, and it will have severe repurcussions for the entire Jazz Age ensemble.

Jazz Age logo

The series left off with the cliff-hanger of all time — Ronnie telling Ace Mifflin, private eye, that Professor Clifton Jennings is in fact the mysterious, shadowy underworld collector Dr. Hans Fargus! Is she telling the truth? What will this mean for Jennings’ relationship with Professor Carlisle? You can catch up with the action by reading part one of “The Curious Case of the Blinding Eyes!”

The “cover” for this story is unveiled today, September 11 — an Art Deco-inspired poster that sets the mood for “Fargus”, and the story begins next week, Monday, September 18. Don’t forget to check in every Monday for the latest addition to this suspenseful and chilling story! Jazz Age is back — better than ever — and we want you back with us!

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