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Lately I’m noticing more comic book-related documentaries as video production becomes easier and graphic novels gain more prominence. The latest comes from Hero Video Productions, “The Alchemy of Art: David Mack”. This focus is due in December and promises:

the most in-depth interview David Mack has ever done, David’s commentary on a full issue of Kabuki, book readings, a look at David at work in his studio and with other artists, and plenty of surprises.

The company has previously released “Terry Moore: Paradise Found” and “Telling Stories: The Comic Book Creators” (featuring Geoff Johns, Bruce Timm, Greg Rucka, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Howard Chaykin).

Meanwhile, Central Park Media is using Google Video (no longer available) as yet another outlet to sell their anime.

Initial titles that will lead off Google Video’s anime offering include the critically acclaimed Black Jack series and video game-based Battle Arena Toshinden. … Central Park Media maintains one of the most extensive anime libraries for distribution in North America, making it the ideal provider of programming to New Media companies.

I can barely get YouTube videos to load on my computer at times, so I can’t see paying $9.95 or more for an online episode (or $2 for a day pass). I do admire their willingness to try new venues, although that may be a side effect of uncertainty about the company’s future direction. Then again, some of the most interesting leaps forward have come about from those who have little to lose and are willing to take risks.

Last, I’m not sure I ever watched any of the Groovie Goolies — I just love the title. Now the complete series will be available on DVD October 24.

Groovie Goolies features a cast of legendary monsters who get themselves in all sorts of wacky predicaments, as they joke, dance and sing their way through each episode. The hyper-colorful series stars the residents of Horrible Hall; Frankie, Wolfie, Drac, Mummy, Hagatha, Bella LaGhostley, Boneapart, and a wealth of other animated tributes to classic monster movie icons. In each episode, the Goolies offer an abundance of goofy gags in “Weird Window Time,” a segment reminiscent of the classic Laugh-In series. Each episode ends with an original Groovie Goolies rock song presented in the form of a wildly animated music video.

Sounds like a hoot! Especially the Laugh-In homage.

Special features include:

  • “Goolians”–brand new, 45 minute “docu-comedy” created by producer and voiceover artist Wally Wingert (Family Guy, Invader Zim) and Daniel Roebuck (Lost, The Fugitive), featuring interviews with Alice Cooper, Forrest J. Ackerman, Ron Chaney, Lous Scheimer, Oscar® winning make-up artist Bill Corso, “Goolie” head writer Jack Mendelsohn, and more. Includes new original rock song “True Blue Goolian,” and a music video with the Sacramento punk band “The Groovie Ghoulies.”
  • Audio commentary tracks for two episodes, featuring producer Lou Scheimer, “Goolie” head writer Jack Mendelsohn, Filmation historian Darrell McNeil, and Hollywood monster expert Bob Burns. Hosted by Wally Wingert
  • Image gallery featuring original model sheets, animation cels, storyboards, backgrounds and PSAs
  • “Goolie-Get-Together Sing-a-Long”
  • Trivia and episode guide

Impressive! Sounds like a nice set of extras with something for both the long-time fan and the new viewer.

3 Responses to “Upcoming Video News”

  1. Johnny Bacardi Says:

    If you liked the 70’s semi-animated Archie cartoons, you’ll love Groovie Goolies. As a kid, I liked them just fine, although I don’t know if I would now- some of the jokes I remember were real groaners.

    One of the songs the “band” would perform in one of those “wildly animated” segments was an actual honest-to-goodness hit single: “Chick-a-Boom (Don’t You Jes’ Love It)” by a group of studio musicians called Daddy Dewdrop. I still have that 45 somewhere…

  2. Johanna Says:

    You know, I have some of those Archies on DVD but haven’t had a chance to watch them yet. (I plan on treating them like music videos, mostly.) Thanks for the info!

  3. Jean Michell Says:

    I’m looking forward to the David Mack DVD!!!

    I found a trailer of it here:




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