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Looks like James Meeley has taken his blog and gone home. Told by everyone and their dog that you can’t control who links to content you make public, he’s apparently decided to shut down the blog he recently started and delete any comments he posted on anyone else’s blog instead of admitting he was wrong. (Here’s a writeup of the whole thing.)

Yet another story of Diamond screwing up and not caring to fix it in a timely or effective manner. A store owner paid for an order to be shipped from Diamond’s game arm Alliance, they miscoded it as COD, and so the store couldn’t get what they’d paid for unless they paid again (creating a credit on their account) or waited an extra two weeks. If Alliance had just taken a bit more effort to fix their mistake, they’d have customer goodwill instead of causing the customer to sound off publicly.

An insightful commentary on the good uses of continuity while reflecting on the original Excalibur.

I’m talking about something that has been largely lost from both the Marvel and DC Universes, and that’s an idea that the characters have a history. Today, if writers do like continuity, that’s fine, but they seem to use continuity as both a crutch and a bludgeon. It becomes a crutch because they try to fit every little aspect of the character’s history into their story at the expense of the story, and a bludgeon because they beat us over the head with it to make sure we know that they know far more about the character than we ever could and nyah-nyah-nyah! To be fair, fans do this as well – I’m amazed and a bit daunted by the ridiculous knowledge that many of our readers possess about the comics they love. So the fans and the writers become trapped in a vicious cycle of one-upmanship, and the books themselves suffer.

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  1. Journalista » Blog Archive » Sept. 18, 2006: Utterly predictable conclusion Says:

    […] Okay, this is pointless but funny: Remember James Meeley? He’s the fanboy doofus who thought he had the right to tell the folks at the Newsarama blog when they could and couldn’t link to his publicly accessible weblog. Having followed the link to his blog that he himself left behind in the comments section (in the process of telling people that he didn’t want links to his blog from that page), I had intended to comment upon one of the essays I found there. Alas, I never got around to it, and he’s since deleted said blog after a public meltdown of epic proportions, proving once again that hissy fits only get funnier when you’re throwing one because you think other people are trying to make you look bad — dude, it’s not like you needed the help, you know? Anyway, Evan Waters has a comprehensive, link-filled summary of the whole hilarious mess, and while Meeley has since gone back and deleted seemingly every comment he’s made on the pages in question, enough people quote him in the course of refutation that you’ll still have plenty of context. (Last link via Johanna Draper Carlson.) […]

  2. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] Since I’m kicking people while they’re down, I might as well point out that the latest project from Rick Olney and TightLip Entertainment, represented by Ronée Bourgeois, has been cancelled. The Mighty Mini-Con will not be held this year; delays in obtaining a venue are responsible. The show was scheduled to be held this weekend, September 23-24, making the announcement just in time to cancel travel plans. […]




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