Mini-Con Cancelled

Since I’m kicking people while they’re down, I might as well point out that the latest project from
Rick Olney and TightLip Entertainment, represented by Ronée Bourgeois, has been cancelled. The Mighty Mini-Con will not be held this year; delays in obtaining a venue are responsible. The show was scheduled to be held this weekend, September 23-24, making the announcement just in time to cancel travel plans.

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  1. Heidi M. Says:


  2. Journalista » Blog Archive » Sept. 19, 2006: With a passion for X Says:

    […] This weekend’s Mighty Mini-Con in upstate New York has been cancelled. On the other hand, the U.K. Web and Mini Comix Thing will be going forward after all. (First link via Johanna Draper Carlson, second via Bugpowder’s Pete Ashton.) […]

  3. Jamie Coville Says:

    I’ve asked this on newsarama, but have yet to receive any answer. Has Olney ever hold a convention? I know this is the 2nd Mighty Mini con he’s cancelled.

  4. Johanna Says:

    I don’t know — I’ve never known him to achieve anything but annoying a LOT of people. Buh dump ba.

  5. Alan David Doane Says:

    At least one Mighty Mini-Con actually happened — I met Tony Isabella, Ben T. Steckler, and one of the writers of The Simpsons comics there. I think it was 2001 or 2002.

    Upstate NY certainly needs a regular comics convention, but in my opinion it needs someone more organized, capable and committed, and less polarizing, than Mr. Olney to make it happen.

  6. Rick Olney Says:

    Just a slight correction to keep the truth in focus here.

    To date, since my heart attack in 2004, I have had to cancel two Mighty Mini-Con’s in 2004 and 2006 and a horror event originally billed as “The Spooky” (2003) and that has since been turned into an upstate horror attraction.

    Since 1996, I have had 5 properious Mighty Minicon’s and a ORCon ’96. I’ve also, with the help of members of Organized Readers of Comics Associated (ORCA), (since 1993) have held local monthly meetings in a formal library setting to encourage fandom and younger reader participation backed by parental support.

    This last Mighty Minicon was cancelled after we experienced two deaths in our immediate family. Nobody has been cheated in any way. Anyone that has anything else to add is welcomed to drag your tired old agenda over to my message board for as long as it takes the community there to give you a shot of reality.

    Johanna, I really don’t know you personally. Nor do I care to, after reading this malicious tripe. I’m aware of your reviews and have actually supported you in a positive light online, in person, and in print previously. That ceased today for all intents and purposes. You appear to suffer from a small malady involving your opinion. But that’s okay, because this too shall pass.

  7. Johanna Says:

    I’m crushed. If you think *this* is “malicious”, you haven’t been reading me very long. And “tripe” implies falsity; nothing I said was untrue. By the way, “properious” isn’t a word.

  8. Rick Olney Says:

    Heh, heh…

    Sorry about the typo, Johanna. Prosperous was the word I had meant to type.

    Regarding your very clear attack against me as a person, that isn’t tripe. And, contray to what you think… not much of what you had to say was factual. Anyone capable of using google, ask, or any Internet search engine can get to the truth of what I and my company have been doing since my heart attack in the spring of 2004. And I hope they shall, because ankly your kind of “journalism” needs to be recognized for what it is; Nothing that is growing the art form.

  9. Rick Olney Says:

    Quick! See if you can spot the other typo!

  10. Johanna Says:

    I found it — you meant “typos”!

    I’m not here to “grow the art form” — I’m here to truthfully evaluate comics and comic news, and to entertain and inform my many satisfied readers. Most of them already know that the people who complain the most about being unfairly attacked (regardless of how much they’ve brought on themselves) are those who are most willing to toss around their own insults, as you’ve amply demonstrated.

  11. Rick Olney Says:

    Not so, but I’ll obviously bow to your female charm and the fact that this is your blog. Feel free to post the last comment. It has been fascinating exchanging words with you.

  12. Paula Says:

    It is unfortunate what Rick and his family has been through. HOWEVER, he could have gone way of professional etiquette and given some notice that the event was cancelled. Moreover, he could have responded to any of my of my TAPS colleagues emails and voicemails asking what was going on and if the conference was still on. Many of us saved that weekend for his conference, for which he had us sign a contract months before, when we could have made plans to be at other venues OR made plans with OUR families and friends. I tell all of you and would say to Rick himself, that he is unreliable and people should not sign contracts with him, save dates for him, or book plane tickets and buy tickets for his venues, etc.

  13. Paula Says:

    correction: I meant “or” my TAPS colleagues, not “of” :)

    Thanks for letting me post on your blog!

  14. Chris Says:

    Seriously. You and Heidi would be doing yourselves a huge favor if you got off your Ronée kick.

  15. Johanna Says:

    You know, if she didn’t do stupid things, no one would want to talk about her.

    Seriously, did you notice that this post was a month old, reactivated only because Olney was late showing up? There’s no “kick”, just the usual snarkiness about whatever people are talking about in comics.

  16. Ronée Says:

    And here I just thought Johanna had a crush on me ;)

    too funny. Thanks for the press.

  17. Rick Olney Says:

    I wasn’t aware that there was a statute of limitations on correcting lies and mistruths. Your kind of “talking” about comics only actually entertains a select few. The use of train wreck logic to bolster your reading numbers doesn’t speak well of your character. And talking shite seems to be your basis for being involved in comics on the grander scale. But you’re entitled to say and think as you please. Ignorant as it is.

    I’ve apologized to you regarding your feelings of anxiety over the cancelled event.

    I’m also sorry that you chose to air this in public, as it is the last place to seek any balanced and honest exchange. Ms. Draper- Carlson has an agenda that is based upon hate. All anyone need do is read back and research her previous commentaries regarding myself, Ms. Garcia Bourgeoise, or anyone not carrying a “Vote for Johanna!” campaign sign…to learn her motive. But I do understand. Unfortuntely, like the turn of events that caused your ripple of faith, I have nothing to add that will take away your pain. Just as I’m sure that your “fans” and followers were also dismayed at the cancelled event, but do you honestly think any of them would’ve set their parents aside, with one of them dying…to come meet you in person? I don’t.

    I wasn’t coming back here. I done the best thing I could possibly do for my friends and readers; Sharing the vile nature of ugly people that take weak human moments to bully others is just as much a service to society.

  18. Johanna Says:

    Rick, no one’s lying about you. You did cancel your convention with a week’s notice, and you do have quite the online rep for annoying people. All the evidence for that is above.

    You’ve also demonstrated a propensity for insulting others while complaining about how you deserve better treatment. I’m reminded of that parable about the splinter and the log.

    You’ve said twice now that you’re leaving; this time, I suggest you stay gone.

  19. Johanna Says:

    Ok, I’ve deleted the last two comments pasted to this chain, and I’m locking comments. The expected subjects have decided to post continuing personal attacks on me, and I’m not putting up with it. This means that if you’re really curious, you can probably find them whining about censorship elsewhere on the net later today.

  20. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] If you read comic news sites, you’ve probably already heard about the problems with Rick Olney and his Tightlip Entertainment commissioning work from a variety of people (including established professionals), not paying them, and then threatening them with legal action when they speak out about it. Apparently Olney feels that everyone is bound by some kind of non-disclosure agreement, even if they never signed one; I guess that’s why he picked that publisher name. […]




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