Top Cow Creates Marvel Variant Covers

I found the following press release interesting, given the recent brouhaha over online-only Tokyopop exclusives. Unlike that effort, this one is explicitly collector-driven:

Top Cow Productions, Inc. is incredibly proud to announce the first in a series of hotly anticipated variant covers for landmark Marvel Comics issues. As part of a larger partnership with Marvel, which includes a number of crossover one shots such as Darkness/Wolverine and Cyberforce/X-Men being released by Top Cow as well as Top Cow artists working on top Marvel series such as Phoenix: Warsong, Top Cow will be producing a number of extremely limited edition covers of Marvel comics. And like the Michael Turner variants previously released by Aspen Comics, these variant editions will be available exclusively through the Top Cow store. With such a limited print run and limited availability these are destined to be incredibly sought after books!

Some notes: Top Cow isn’t just proud, they’re “incredibly proud.”

Someone should have fixed that clause after “larger partnership with Marvel” — it’s too wordy and causes the reader’s attention to wander.

Is this the first time that a publisher has created alternate covers for a different company’s books?

If you’re promising “extremely limited”, shouldn’t you specify HOW limited?

So Top Cow is explicitly manufacturing collectibles to sell to their captive online market. How long will it take the audience to realize that they’re sheep?

They go on to say “The first cover in this series will be the Tyler Kirkham variant of Phoenix: Warsong #1.” However, when I visited their store just now, that book was listed as “out of stock”. (So were the next three items on their home page.) Did they sell out in a day, or is something else going on?

3 Responses to “Top Cow Creates Marvel Variant Covers”

  1. James Schee Says:

    This isn’t the first time TC has done odd exclusives. I still remember reading about one exclusive they did, which you could only get by getting a credit card.

    I wonder how well the Heroes Reborn titles, when they gave books to Liefeld and Jim Lee, did back then. Since they are collecting those and now seem to be doing something similiar with farming out books to Top Cow.

  2. Dan Says:

    My biggest thought on this whole matter is who cares. Though it would be fun to see thousands of Top Cow fans suddenly realizing “Ohmygawd! We’re all just a bunch of sheep!”

  3. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    That announcement is part of the hype machine! It makes me cringe




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