Webcomic Hotness

I thought this was a clever idea… Webcomic Hotness is a group of webcomic creators who appeared together at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

They created a simple free minicomic in which one of the characters went venturing through a variety of the strips. It didn’t always make sense, unless you already knew the characters and situations, but it was a giveaway that someone (like me) could take home and check out at their convenience.

I was already familiar with Girls with Slingshots, and I’ve previously recommended In His Likeness, but a couple that were new to me that stood out were Silver Rage (about a comic store where the employees are named Jason, Todd, and Robyn, which took me a minute, but then made me laugh), Noses Optional (cute manga stylings), and A Girl and Her Fed (about civil rights, which is certainly unusual and topical).

They’ll next be appearing at SPX from October 13-15.

One Response to “Webcomic Hotness”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Very good idea. Exactly the type of grassroots collectivism that both comics and the web need.


    Very, VERY bad name. Not only do I never parse it properly, when I do, I don’t think “Web Comics”. I think of other images that the Internet is very famous for…




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