Remember the Civil War Victims

Riot retailer Jason Richards reminds us of the ongoing damage Marvel’s Civil War changes are causing retailers (link no longer available). He points out that one of the titles rescheduled for today isn’t coming out, indicating that plans are still in flux, and then sarcastically rants:

So let me get this straight: Marvel “rewards” the retailers by asking us to pay more money to order titles with special covers that have nothing to do with CW. And they “reward” the fans by asking them to spend more money in order to follow the entire story.

Sure. That seems fair to everyone. Oh wait, no it doesn’t. I’m still out a bunch of cash over the last four or five weeks, not to mention lost customers. Meanwhile, the customers who did stick around now have to spend even more money. Awesome!

One Response to “Remember the Civil War Victims”

  1. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    Jason is right. I thought from the beginning Marvel wasn’t 100% honest, and that asking us and our customers to buy MORE to make up for it was a pretty stupid solution to the problem.




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