Comics Download Service Announced

DriveThruComics has launched a comic download service, aiming to be the “iTunes of comics”.

Most comics are available in PDF for $1.99 an issue, including titles from About Comics, AK, Archaia Studios Press, NBM, Heroic Publishing, Kenzer & Company, Marvel Comics’ Dabel Brothers (DBPro) imprint, and many smaller studios and publishers. Antarctic and Markosia are said to be coming soon. They promise

Each comic or graphic novel is exactly as you’d find it in print. In addition, each title on is tailored for computer screen viewing–the perfect mix of “zoomable” high-resolution without a staggeringly huge filesize.

I wonder if that includes ads? Graphic novels are around 30% off, which in my opinion, isn’t enough of a discount to make up for not having something for my shelf. I’m also not thrilled about reading a longer work onscreen.

I admire their initiative, though. The company representative posted at Newsarama that

We’re in various stages of the negotiation process with probably 90% of the publishers that were represented at San Diego Comic Con this year (in addition to many who weren’t there). Obviously some are going to be longer processes than others–but we haven’t yet been turned down by the big guns. There’s obviously a big clamor for digital content on demand from Tokyopop, DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, and Image—and we won’t rest till we get it for you!

It’ll be interesting to see if that happens.

3 Responses to “Comics Download Service Announced”

  1. markus Says:

    Crucially, they’re offering DRM protected pdfs which can only be read with a sufficiently activated Adobe Acrobat.
    No PDF reader of your choice and crucially you’re screwed if Adobe folds twenty years down the road.
    They also know what you own and sell.

  2. Ralf Haring Says:

    Not cheap enough for digital content.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Markus, thanks for pointing that out — I like Preview on the Mac, so it’s unfortunate that I wouldn’t be able to use that PDF reader.




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