Diamond Scholarship Followup

Remember my mentioning a cartooning scholarship sponsored by Diamond at the end of July? The one that required an applicant provide a Diamond account number from their local comic store?

Guess what my retailer just got yesterday from Diamond? A packet explaining the scholarship with postcards to hand out to those interested. He’d never even heard of the program before.

I can understand that the nifty booklets by Kevin Huizenga explaining the Center for Cartoon Studies took some time to create, so maybe all the print material needed two months to prepare, but shouldn’t retailers have been informed about the program when everyone else was? And I still don’t know why you need a Diamond account number to apply — unless it’s just that Steve said so.

4 Responses to “Diamond Scholarship Followup”

  1. Diamond Scholarship Followup of Free College Scholarship Says:

    […] Original post by Johanna for Scholarship News […]

  2. Rachel N. Says:

    Can I ask for one of those postcards? I don’t have a comic retailer in my area ;)

  3. Johanna Says:

    I’m sorry, they’ve been distributed elsewhere.

  4. Rachel N. Says:

    Okay, thank you :)




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