JSA Credit Removal Explained?

Following up on the earlier question about why individual credits were removed from the Justice Society collection, someone claiming to be Paul Levitz has posted the following (a few up from the bottom of the page):

I apologize for the lack of credits on the individual stories, an error I personally found heart-breaking because of its effect on the Origin, which also had a dedication to Shelly and Gardner. The second volume will in some fashion include the credits from the first, which will be restored if we ever do a second printing. If you have a credits question, these issues are up on the comics.org database, though without perfect data.

(I have no reason to doubt that he is who he says, but it is the internet.)

So, sounds like those who want the proper edition have to hope that enough people buy the flawed copies to drive a second printing. Then they have to hope that it’s labeled sufficiently to be sure that that’s what they’re getting, if they even remember that they want it however far in the future it happens.

I suppose it’s better than nothing… and the particular audience targeted here is used to taking what they can get, since there aren’t a ton of projects aimed at them. We are beginning to see more of them lately, a nice trend.

3 Responses to “JSA Credit Removal Explained?”

  1. Greg Morrow Says:

    I am comfortably sure the comment is genuine, for various reasons.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for confirming, Greg.

  3. Justice Society Volume 2 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] pressure from the Un-American Activities Committee to unmask. Oh, and this volume also includes the creative credits missing from the first volume, which reprints All-Star Comics #58-67 and their origin from DC Special #29. […]




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