The Blogverse Hates Civil War

Or, at least, the blogs I pay attention to. Spoilers for crap follow.

Comics Should Be Good:

Marvel’s greatest geniuses (working alongside Hank Pym, but sadly missing T’Challa, who is the best at everything) made a clone of Thor to fight with them and then they can’t even get THAT right? That’s so absurd. And the idea itself is “twisting a handlebar mustache” bad, really. Thor’s their friend, and yet they’re sitting aorund making a fake Mjolnir to go with the clone they’re making of their old friend?!? What is even the POINT of that plan?!? But what’s even worse than the plan is the fact that they couldn’t even DO it right! So not only are they fascists, they’re incompetent fascists!

Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge:

I read [CW #4] quickly and saw why no one wanted to ruin the three big shocking moments. It was not because they were so shocking and would have me dropping my jaw at Millar’s finely crafted story, but because if they had told me, I never would have believed anything so stupid would be put in even a fringe, out-of-continuity story, much less “the” Marvel event of the year.

Lots more making fun of at that link, with pictures, too. But more importantly, Jake points out why it matters:

This “Marvel Event” got major media coverage. It’s supposed to draw in non-comic readers and pique the interest of readers who stick primarily with DC books or may have shyed away from mainstream Marvel in favor of Image or even Marvel’s Ultimate or MAX lines. Yet, all the iconic characters that are known to non-comic fans–meaning even my mother knows who Spider-Man and Hulk are–are completely out of character.

Chris M. at Howling Curmudgeons looks at the bigger picture:

these events are particularly harsh on second and, especially, third-tier characters — characters who are just big enough names to be recognizable to most current readers so that there’s some interest and shock value when the character gets radically altered or killed, but not such a big character that it’s really that big a deal.

He suggests a way to hit the companies where it hurts:

The only way this endless recycling event nonsense will end is if their sales drop low enough. So don’t buy the damn things. If you want to keep up with what’s going on, hit Wikipedia for the event itself and for any individual characters involved that you’re interested in. Trust me, you’ll know everything you need to know and can stay on top of things without actually having to either financially support this nonsense or subject yourself to its sheer awfulness or mediocrity (depending on how strongly you feel).

That’s my plan — and not because of any moral stand, but because I simply don’t care. It’s easy to find better things to spend my money on.

6 Responses to “The Blogverse Hates Civil War”

  1. Barry Says:

    I just read the Wikipedia entry on CW #4. Unless they throw out the old “mind control” or “imposters” cliches, I’m kind of in shock at how blatently these characters are being misused. And considering that this is Joe Quesada’s Marvel, that’s saying something. Makes me glad that like yourself, I stopped really caring a while ago.

  2. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] While acknowledging the problems in Civil War #4, retailer Mike Sterling says, “it’s still gonna sell like crazy.” […]

  3. Patrick Dunn Says:

    Yeah, I actually really wanted to like Civil War, but I think I’m going to be hard-pressed to like it with all this really “blah” stuff that I’ve read about in the fourth issue. (I just read the synopsis on Wikipedia and then decide if I’m going to buy the trade.) What really annoys me here is that Marvel is doing the same thing that irks me so much about DC: they’re dragging the heroes down, vilifying them, making them unlikeable, and stripping them of the things that made them interesting. Tony employing the villains to track Cap and the pro-regs was probably the final straw in terms of that.

    There’s getting to be less and less Big Two books that I can actually stand. Even the Ultimate Universe is losing its freshness. The only stuff I can really read are the books that are largely disconnected from continuity…Nextwave, X-Factor, Runaways, Justice, All-Star Superman, Ultimate Spider-Man.

  4. Johanna Says:

    I’m just glad that there are options for those of us who don’t want to commit to the huge buy-in of time and money the continuity books require.

  5. James Schee Says:

    I just bought the Marvel Adventures Avengers collection/magazine at Target and found it to be hilariouos fun. So that’s my option to the Civil War stuff.

    “Hulk think puny Banner, must be cashing Hulk checks.” Hah! (I hope it is a regular series)

  6. david brothers Says:

    It’s an ongoing, and yeah, it’s pure brilliance. The second issue, with the Leader, was pure hilarium, especially the bit about Wolverine not being allowed to use his claws.




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