Jughead Meets Superboy?

Coming from Archie Comics in January is this potential undeclared crossover. Under the draft cover is their promotional text. It’s due out January 10.

Jughead & Friends Digest #17 cover

Jughead & Friends Digest #17
When a new reality show seeking real-life “super heroes” hits Riverdale, Chuck and Jughead rise to the challenge, creating super-heroic secret identies for themselves! Along the way, we meet a plethora of hero-obsessed contestants… and one new kid who wants nothing to do with any of it. Could it be the mild-mannered newcomer secretly IS a real-life hero?

One Response to “Jughead Meets Superboy?”

  1. Jughead & Friends Digest #17 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] I was curious about this digest when it was announced, because allusions to other comics were promised. Not only did this story reference Superman, but there were a lot more hints and nudges. […]




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